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Planning, Design & Construction


Ensure that clients are satisfied with requested construction projects.

Service Requests and Process Procedures

Request for Construction

To request a project, please print out the project request form (located above), fax to 9448 to the Associate Vice President of Facilities, or mail to Box T-0520.

All space alterations or modifications must be routed to the Associate Vice President for Facilities through the Department Head, Director and/or Dean for approval and source of funding.
All changes to campus facilities must be reported. Usage changes as well as physical change should be reported to Facility Services as soon as possible. Facilities Inventory will be updated and reported to The Higher Education Coordinating Board accordingly.

Most Capital Improvements to the TSU Campus are funded through PUF (Permanent University Funds) which are allocated to Tarleton by the A&M System. Each year the UFICC Building Committee meets to review all requests received for rehabilitation and renovations. Forms are available on line. These requests are generally sent through the appropriate Vice President, who prioritizes the requests, then forwards them to the Building Committee. Personnel are allowed to present their needs to the committee if they so desire. A vote is then taken on the projects, the list prioritized and presented to the President of the University.

Services Available

In-House Construction

All construction performed by Facility Services with its own forces is inspected for compliance with plans and specifications and for workmanship.

Job Order Contract Construction

Facility Services utilizes a job order contractor to help expedite Capital Improvement Projects. The cost for projects done by the contract is higher than in - house construction, but can usually be completed in a much shorter time frame.