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Rural Law Enforcement Initiative

Mission Statement

The Tarleton State University Rural Law Enforcement Initiative will provide cost free information technology services to rural law enforcement agencies.  Through the use of those services, agencies will be able to solve crimes and apprehend suspects more efficiently than has ever been possible in a rural environment.  The results will be increased public safety and officer safety, higher property recovery rates, and greater return on taxpayers' dollars.  The Tarleton State University Rural Law Enforcement Initiative is committed to providing these services in a professional, timely, and cost effective manner.

About Our Initiative

The Tarleton State University Rural Law Enforcement Initiative was established in 2005 as a part of Tarleton's Sponsored Projects Department. The Initiative’s mission is to improve participating law enforcement agencies’ crime fighting capabilities by providing information sharing, crime analysis and related technology solutions. Our staff is comprised of actively licensed and commissioned Texas peace officers. We continuously strive to expand our scope and services in order to help you meet the ever increasing challenges of contemporary law enforcement. All services are provided at no cost to participating agencies. Project costs have been funded by five United States Department of Justice/Bureau of Justice Assistance (DOJ/BJA) grants, totaling just over $4.4 million.

The project was conceived in 2000 by the late Dr. Richard Shigley, who was the head of Tarleton’s Criminal Justice Program. Dr. Shigley realized that rural law enforcement agencies had limited to non-existent information technology resources, and proposed the project to assist them in implementing modern computer information technology systems.  The initial proposal incorporated sheriffs’ offices in the 28 Texas counties that comprised the Tarleton State University primary service area.  Since that time, the Initiative has grown to provide technology related services to rural area sheriffs’ offices and police departments throughout Texas.

  • Memorandums of Understanding with numerous law enforcement agencies
  • Provided information sharing and crime analysis database access (currently unavailable-funding expired)
  • Training with TCOLE credit
  • Assisted qualifying agencies with records management system cost (currently unavailable-funding expired)
  • In-car computer systems include laptops, mounting hardware, installation and temporary wireless fees
  • Staff support for all program benefits (funding for wireless fees expired)

Agency participation is still increasing. Past programs provided services include access to a crime analysis and information sharing database and assistance with the acquisition of computerized records management systems. Funding for those programs has expired. We still provide in-car laptop computers, mounting hardware and installation services. Through the use of these services, agencies have the resources to solve crimes and apprehend suspects more efficiently than has previously been possible in a rural environment. In addition to serving as liaisons to Initiative participants, BJA and partner governmental agencies, the Initiative provides support to law enforcement agencies at the local level.

Tarleton’s Rural Law Enforcement Initiative is grant funded through the United States Department of Justice/Bureau of Justice Assistance. Financial assistance exists only as long as funding is available to Tarleton.

Latest News

Laptop computer installations are pending for 45 installations at 15 law enforcement agencies.

June, 2014: Received approval to provide Wireless/Laptop program services statewide

Laptop computer installations performed in April, 2014 brought the number of laptops provided to 547 for 86 law enforcement agencies.

85 laptop computer installations were completed during August, 2013. The number of laptop computers provided to law enforcement agencies totals 462.

12-21-2012: We are in the process of expanding our geographic scope into 25 additional counties containing approximately 115 police and sheriff's departments. Those counties are: Archer, Bailey, Baylor, Clay, Cochran, Cooke, Cottle, Crosby, Dickens, Fannin, Floyd, Foard, Grayson, Hale, Hardeman, Hockley, King, Knox, Lamb, Lubbock, Montague, Motley, Wichita, Wilbarger and Wise.

127 laptop installations were performed at five locations between November 6, and finished on November 17, 2012.

11-5-2012: Laptop installation begin on Tuesday, November 6, in Clyde, Texas.

10-18-2012: The October 22 start date for laptop installations is postponed. All affected agencies have been notified via email. I will advise when a new start date is set.

10-12-2012: Laptop installations are tentatively scheduled to begin on Monday, October, 22, in Meridian. All agencies are being notified.

9-13-2012: All laptop installation hardware has been delivered. We are finalizing the Statement of Work (SOW) between our vendor and Tarleton. Once the SOW is signed, installations will be scheduled and air cards will be ordered.

8-16-2012: Installation hardware is being delivered to installation sites. We will contact agency representatives to schedule installations after the hardware is delivered.  Installations will begin once the Statement of Work with our vendor is approved.

7-11-2012: Laptops have been delivered. We will contact you in the near future regarding your agency's MOU, laptop delivery and installation.

6-13-2012: Make-up installations are tentatively scheduled on Thursday, June 21. Installation site is Erath County Fire Department, 830A East Road, in Stephenville. Ross will contact your departmental point of contact to schedule your installation time.

As part of our wireless data program (see Laptop/Wireless) 110 laptop computers, mounting hardware and air cards will be provided to 23 law enforcement agencies. Agency representatives have been notified. The laptops have been ordered. Estimated lead time is during July. Installation sites have been identified.  We will schedule installations when we receive a firm delivery date.