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Application Deadlines

Admissions will have the following Priority and Enforced Admission Deadlines. Priority deadlines are set in order to promote collegiate success. 

Students benefit by applying early in order to be considered in the initial admission applicant pool and for all types of federal, state, and institutional financial aid and scholarships.

 Fall 2015 - First-time freshmen may have a deadline to submit all documentation to be considered for admission.  A date will be determined in the future.  Students need the necessary time to complete the steps for TSI testing, orientation, advising, bacterial meningitis proof and any other hold requirements to be prepared to attend the mandatory Texan Transition Week in August.

Freshman Application Deadlines
Semester Priority Deadline Enforced Deadline
Spring December 1 December 1
Summer May 1 June 1
Fall March 1 July 21
Transfer/Other Application Deadlines
(includes Masters Candidates)
Semester Priority Deadline Enforced Deadline
Summer 2015 May 1 July 6
Fall 2015 May 1 August 21
Spring 2016 December 1 January 8

International Application Deadlines (All Application Types)
Semester Enforced Deadline
Spring November 15
Summer April 15
Fall June 15

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