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Clarissa Calderon

Realistically, as a single parent of triplets, there were specific “must haves” when it came to deciding on a University. Location, class availability, cost, and  values. Conveniently, everything I was looking for was right in my backyard!

What I love most about Tarleton is the supporting and caring atmosphere. At Tarleton, know that you will be surrounded by a community who wants to see you succeed- it’s one of the best environments of encouragement and support out there. You will always be welcomed with a smile by any faculty member you come across.

I had more than one professor that was on my list of favorites. But hands down, I would have to name Ms. Nancy Turner as my favorite. Not only was she my professor, but she was my academic advisor throughout my duration at Tarleton. She has helped me from homework to finding a seat in a class that was already full. I couldn’t have been successful at Tarleton without her help. She always made time for me, and even sat through a few crying sessions when I was a little overwhelmed with my classes.

Since I was given nothing but a supporting and caring atmosphere, I will continue to incorporate those traits and everything that I have learned with me as a business student and incorporate them to the community, my home, and workplace.

Clasrissa Calderon

BAAS - Business Administration

Class of 2014