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O.A. Grant Update: Administration Annex II door and gate closure

Administration Annex II changes - Click on the image for a printable version.The O.A. Grant Building Renovation is expanding and growing, and your attention to the following information is requested:

Kiewit will initiate project activities within the next 5-10 days to install a new 10” water line which will provide service to the O.A. Grant Building and other interior buildings. Additionally, the existing aboveground electrical power lines will be moved below ground to improve service in the area.

It appears the installation of this water line and the underground electrical will create the following changes to the typical campus traffic flow:

  • The northwest ADA door to the Admin Annex II Computer Help Desk will be closed. Temporary/Emergency access and egress on that side of the building will be maintained through the northeast door. A temporary ramp will be installed by Kiewit at that exit to allow this egress.
  • The north cart entry gate will be closed due to the above referenced construction. To facilitate entry/egress from the west cart entrance(P10 parking lot side) the sidewalk will be widened by Kiewit to enable carts to complete the turn.
  • Additional informational signs will be installed within the area to improve awareness of pedestrians and cart drivers in the area.

The project should be completed in approximately 4-5 weeks.