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Tarleton Parking and Construction (Stephenville Campus) Update 9-12-13

This update includes information on new commuter parking, parking services and OA Grant renovation:

New Commuter Parking Lot Completed

A new gravel parking lot, P39, designated as a purple zone and dedicated to commuter students, opened this week. Located just west of the university’s tennis court complex on St. Felix street between West Sloan and Tarleton streets, the lot has 50 spaces.

Free Shuttle Service

The free, on-campus shuttle service, providing easy on and off transport across campus from lot P20 located on the west side of Tarleton’s Memorial Stadium, continues to operate. The pick-up point is at the west stadium gates and ticket booth.

The shuttle service, using eight-passenger golf carts, picks up students and transports them to drop points on Tarleton, Lillian and Vanderbilt streets on campus. Drop points include the intersection of Rome and Sloan streets near Wisdom Gym, the intersection of Tarleton and Lillian streets near Davis Hall and University Park, and the intersection of Vanderbilt and Cain streets between the Dining Hall and Engineering Technology Building.

The shuttle service operates weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Parking Consultants Contracted

To address the long-term parking situation, Tarleton has contracted with Kimley-Horn and Associates to perform a parking consultation and develop a parking master plan that will coincide and work in conjunction with the university’s master plan. Among things to be considered are a parking garage, lot locations and designs, traffic flow, pricing and reserved spaces. Additionally, Kimley-Horn will look at future building plans to ensure adequate parking is included in the design of said structures.

Grant Building Underground Electrical – Use photo to identify different areas in the construction zone

Underground Power ConduitsThe Underground Electrical Work passed inspection and will continue to the West.  Nancy Golden Drive will reopened to one lane traffic starting on Monday, September 16, 2013.

The second phase of the underground electrical construction will proceed as outlined below.

  • The handicap access point will remain the same – Blue Zone
  • The Operation Zone has moved West – Yellow Zone
  • The Excavated Soil will be back staged to the East on top of the Phase 1 one excavation – Green Zone
  • There will be construction equipment moving along the North side of the excavation – Orange Zone
  • Fencing will be relocated to incorporate the excavation zone.

Kiewit officials request all vehicular operators use caution while passing through the construction equipment zone and allow the flaggers to guide them through safely. 

As always, we appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Janice Horak
Assistant Vice President – External Relations