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Stephenville Campus Construction Update

O.A. Grant

Kiewit Building Group has schedule a major concrete pour today at the O.A. Grant renovation site. Numerous trucks will be in and out of the site throughout the day which may cause delays for those entering or exiting parking lot P10 and the surrounding areas. Kiewit has flaggers throughout the area to help direct traffic.

Pedestrians should also be very mindful of this activity.

Reminder: Alumni Island  

SSC and Alpha Building Corporation are conducting very extensive demolition on the area of the Alumni Island pedestrian mall project between the Administration Building and the Howell Education Building. Temporary fencing has been placed around this work zone. Cart traffic in the area is limited.

However, Military Drive is open from McIlhaney Street to the Trogdon House.

Again, thank you for your cooperation.

Janice Horak
Assistant Vice President – External Relations