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Does Tarleton Support the iPad?

Many members of the campus community have been seeking advice from Information Technology Services regarding the purchase of Apple’s new iPad.

IT Services is currently developing standards for management of the Apple iPad. Departments are encouraged to contact the university's Computer Help Desk (254.968.9885, for guidance on purchasing in iPad.

Individuals who choose to make a personal purchase of Apple’s iPad may contact the Computer Help Desk (254.968.9885, for assistance configuring your Tarleton Exchange account. 

Please note that there is currently no support to interface the iPad to Tarleton’s classroom resources such as projectors.

Can I use my personal iPad to access Tarleton email?

Similar to support for personal smartphones, the Computer Help desk can assist you in configuring access to wireless, email, calendar and contacts from your Tarleton Exchange account and configure the appropriate security policies. Alternatively, you can use Outlook Web Access via the Safari web browser on the iPad to access your email and calendar.

What kind of software can be installed on an ipad?

The iPad currently runs the iPhone OS 4. This OS is significantly different from the standard Mac OS X platform. Standard Mac applications like MS Word and Excel cannot be installed on the iPad, although iWork is available to produce presentations, document and spreadsheets. The iPad comes with a standard suite of applications and additional apps can be purchased at the iTunes Apps store.

General strengths and limitations

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  • It lacks the ability to run Flash, a video plug-in supported by popular online video sites such as
  • No direct support for the Microsoft Office solutions (e.g. Excel, Word, PowerPoint,etc.)
  • The iPad has no USB connector (for input from a USB thumb drive, or output to a printer)