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Campus Voice System Maintenance

Reason for outage:

Telephone system update

Outstanding Issues:

  • Call quality on off-campus calls – we can hear the caller but many (not all) have much trouble hearing/understanding us.  This is a quality of service issue and it is currently our top priority.  Both CenturyLink and our other vendors are working to resolve this now.
  • 911 – 911 service is operational.  However, it only shows the call is from Tarleton and the phone number of the caller.  We expect it to also show the exact location of the caller (building & room number). Both CenturyLink and our other vendors are working to resolve this now. 
  • Caller ID inconsistencies -  Research continues – Outbound Caller ID should read, Tarleton State University, but it is not always happening.  In addition, inbound Caller ID is different in some cases than it was before we moved to the new trunking service this morning.  It could be up to 5 business days before we can confirm if this is actually a problem vs. just the time it takes for all the different phone companies to update our information on the new service.  These time delays in external updates could also be part of our 911 issue.

Impact to customers:

  • Off-campus calls will be unavailable during this time.
  • You may experience a service outage during the time we are doing the work
    • Once the work starts at 6 a.m., you will not be able to make or to receive off-campus calls. 
    • On-campus calling will not be impacted – you will be able to make and receive on-campus calls
  • CenturyLink has to make a change to each individual campus phone number (we have 1700 campus phone numbers).
    • Once the change is made to your specific number, your phone should be fully operational again, as described in Item 1) above
    • The order in which the numbers will be changed by CenturyLink is:
    1. (254-968): 9000 – 9099; 9100 – 9199; 9200 – 9299; 9300 – 9399; 9400 – 9499; 9500 – 9599; 9600 – 9699; 9700 – 9799; 9800 – 9899; 9900 – 9999 (total of 1,000 numbers)
    2. (254-918):  7600 – 7699 (total of 100 numbers)
    3. (254-968):  0500 – 0599; 0700 – 0799; 1600 – 1699; 1700 – 1799; 1800 – 1899; 1900 – 1999 (total of 600 numbers)
  • CenturyLink is not certain how long it will take them to successfully change each number so we can’t tell you for sure when you will have off-campus phone service on December 17th.  They are estimating 4 – 6 hours total time to complete the work, so some of you may have full voice services when you arrive at 8 a.m. that day and some of you may not have full voice services until around Noon that day.
    • As part of our testing process, we will send out periodically updates (probably hourly) to you, our Power Users, as well as post updates on the Technology home page for campus in general.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you experience any issues other after this maintenance window, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at 254.968.9885 (