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Tarleton Ambassadors

Ambassadors group by front gates 2

Who Are the Tarleton Ambassadors?

As a departmental organization within The Division of Advancement and External Relations the Tarleton Ambassadors exist to enhance and support alumni engagement, function as stewards of time honored traditions and provide community service. Ambassadors engender personalized interactions that will be beneficial for a lifetime with alumni, faculty, administrators, donors, guests and friends of the university. They represent the university at events both on and off campus. They help plan and participate in development events with administrators while serving as facilitators, ushers, spokespersons, table hosts and much more.

Ambassadors are expected to be familiar with information concerning the university and its history, to attend regularly scheduled meetings, and to conduct themselves at all times, not merely during the actual performance of duties, according to the highest standards of personal integrity and decorum.

Students must be invited to apply for membership.  They are expected to attend all designated events, display a sense of pride for the University, and commit to the organization with its high ideals.

Eligibility requirements as stated in the Ambassadors Constitution:

  • Classified as a full-time student
  • Have completed at least 2 regular semesters at Tarleton
  • Possess a cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Cannot be on scholastic or disciplinary probation with the University.

2014 Tarleton Ambassador Officers

Officers 2015-2016

  • Brendan Sar, President
  • Marissa Pena, Vice President
  • Andrew Parker,Treasurer
  • Rachel Plunk, Secretary
  • Sydney Crews, Historian
  • Jeremy Taulton, Risk Management Rep.

Members 2015-2016

  • Nathaniel Adams
  • Ashton Adkins
  • Adam Barnes
  • Tyler Daniels
  • Jose Fiscal
  • Ana Gutierrez-Perez
  • Andrew Hatcher
  • Taminisha Holbert
  • Andrew Jacobi
  • Sierra Jones
  • Kendra Latta
  • Justin Leugers
  • Tylynn Payne
  • Marissa Pena
  • Keauno Perez
  • Elizabeth Ponder
  • Lura Rylant
  • Colton Sheffield
  • Emilee White