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Name Title Address Phone Email
Dr. F. Dominic Dottavio President Box T-0001 (254) 968-9100
Dr. David Weissenburger Chief of Staff Box T-0001 (254) 968-9464
Dr. Karen R. Murray Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Box T-0010 (254) 968-9103
Dr. Kyle McGregor Vice President for Advancement and External Relations Box T-0415 (254) 968-9890
Dr. Laura Boren Vice President for Student Life Box T-0680 (254) 968-9085
Dr. Tye Minckler Vice President for Finance and Administration Box T-0110 (254) 968-9877
Dr. Dwayne Snider Associate Vice President for Academic Administration Box T-0010 (254) 968-9103
Dr. Bert Little Associate Vice President for Academic Research and Grants Box T-0010 (254) 968-0787
Dr. Kim Rynearson Assistant Vice President for Outreach and Off Campus Programs Box T-0010 (254) 968-9916
Dr. Diane Taylor Assistant Vice President for Academic Programs and Accreditation Box T-0010 (254) 968-9598
Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives Box T-0340 (254) 968-9638
Dr. Javier Garza Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Box T-0030 (254) 968-0787
Ms. Sabra Guerra Assistant Vice President for External Relations Box T-0260 (254) 968-9770
Ms. Janice Horak Assistant Vice President for Development Box T-0260 (254) 968-9857
Mr. Harry Battson Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications Box T-0415 (254) 968-9071
Ms. Angie Brown Assistant Vice President for Employee Services Box T-0510 (254) 968-9256
Ms. Becky Gray Chief Information Officer and Executive Director for Information Technology Services Box T-0870 (254) 968-9473
Mr. Dan Hunter Executive Director for Texas Institute for Applied Research (TIAER) Box T-0410 (254) 968-9569
Dr. Roger Wittie Executive Director of Faculty Research Box T-0010 (254) 968-9864
Dr. Mike Leese Executive Director of Student Life Development Box T-0680 (254) 968-9081
Mr. Darrell Brown Executive Director for Student Engagement Box T-0670 (254) 968-9490
Dr. R. Michael Haynes Executive Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness Box T-0505 (254) 968-9354
Ms. Kathy Purvis Executive Director of Student Financial Assistance Services Box T-0310 (254) 968-9070
Dr. Don Cawthon Dean, College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Box T-0180 (254) 968-9227
Dr. Steve Steed Dean, College of Business Administration Box T-0200 (254) 968-9645
Dr. Jordan Barkley Dean, College of Education Box T-0210 (254) 968-9089
Ms. Kelli Styron Dean, College of Liberal and Fine Arts Box T-0190 (254) 968-9141
Dr. James Pierce Dean, College of Science and Technology Box T-0885 (254) 968-9781
Dr. Barry Lambert Dean, College of Graduate Studies Box T-0350 (254) 968-9105
Ms. Donna Savage University Librarian Box T-0450 (254) 968-9138
Dr. David Drueckhammer Associate Dean of Agricultural and Consumer Sciences Box T-0040 (254) 968-1879
Dr. Nate Heller Assistant Dean of College of Business Administration Box T-0200 (254) 968-9512
Dr. Credence Baker Assistant Dean of the College of Graduate Studies Box T-0350 (254) 968-9420
Ms. Dana Moore Assistant Dean of Students Box T-0675 (254) 968-9080
Mr. Lonn Reisman Athletic Director Box T-0080 (254) 968-9178
Ms. Lori Beaty Director of Business Services and Controller Box T-0120 (254) 968-9430
Ms. Elaine Chew Director of Support Services & HUB Coordinator Box T-0600 (254) 968-9611
Mr. Kent Styron Director of Risk Management and Compliance Box T-0830 (254) 968-9898