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Room Reservations

Academic Space

  • The space and facilities of the university are intended primarily to support the on-going instructional program of the institution.
  • Secondary priority is given to programs sponsored and conducted by university academic and administrative departments, by organizations affiliated with such departments, or by registered student organizations.
  • Other use of campus space and facilities may be permitted for activities intended to serve or benefit the university community.

Room Reservations for Faculty/Staff

  • Reservations for meetings and/or event space in academic buildings/classrooms on the Stephenville campus may be requested through the Registrar's Office using the AdAstra Online Event Request System
  • Academic classroom space is subject to availability.
  • Other University Facilities- those wishing to reserve non-academic classrooms such as the library, conference rooms, etc will need to contact those individual areas to request use of those rooms. 

Questions? Questions regarding room availability, or about room reservations please contact Ryan Huth at 254-968-1998 or

Room Reservations for Student Organizations

  • Student organizations that are registered with the Office of Student Activities may reserve academic classrooms through the Registrar's Office free of charge. 
  • Room reservations are valid only for the current semester and are made on a first-come, first serve basis. 
  • Academic programs have priority when deciding room assignments and student organizations may be temporarily reassigned if necessary. 
  • Student organizations should complete the activity permit in its entirety showing all meeting dates. 
  • Incomplete permits may delay the room assignment process.  Students may use the Academic Calendar and the Important Dates below as a guide in filling out the activity permit.


  • Student groups are expected to leave classrooms as they find them (return furniture to original position, put all trash in trash cans, etc).  Any group leaving a room in poor condition may lose their privileges.
  • Student groups meeting in academic buildings should conduct their activities quietly as classes may be held nearby.
  • Students will need to keep a copy of their activity permit with them when meetings are being conducted, in the event university officials need confirmation of approval.
  • Students may also need to provide student identification if requested by a university official.
  • Students should report any unusual occurrences to the Tarleton Police at 254-968-9002.

Important Dates

Student organizations may begin reserving academic space on the following dates for their group meetings during the Spring 2014 semester:

  • Temporary room assignments- January 13, 2014
  • Permanent room assignments- January 30, 2014

Please view the Academic Calendar for other important dates. 

Other University Facilities

  • Students wishing to reserve non-academic rooms such as that in the Library, conference rooms, etc will need to contact those individual areas to request use of those rooms. 
  • Please refer to the activity permit for who to contact regarding reserving other university facilities. 
  • Students who wish to reserve departmental conference rooms should contact department secretaries. 
  • Use the University Directory to find additional contact information.

Activity Permit

Download the Activity Permit.

Questions? Have questions if a room is available, or about your room reservation, please contact Ryan Huth at 254-968-1998 or