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Meet Ryan Best

Name: Ryan BestRyan Best
Hometown:  Elida, NM
Major:  Agricultural Education
Tarleton Organizations in which you are involved:  Tarleton Collegiate FFA, Refuge College Ministry

  1. Favorite Professor within your major and why:
    My favorite professor within my major is Dr. David Frazier.  His genuine passion for his students and what he teaches is contagious.  He makes me not only want to be a better teacher in the classroom, but a better person in my walk through life.  Dr. Frazier is one of the most caring, humble, and heart-felt individuals I have ever had the privilege of meeting.
  2. What do like best about living in Stephenville?
    To me, Stephenville is a little town, with a big town feel.  There are few enough people that I tend to run into the same folks on a regular basis, but with the bigger chain restaurants and stores, it’s easily got a big town atmosphere.
  3. Favorite subject outside your major and why:
    My favorite subject outside of my major is Content Area Reading.  My professor, Jennifer McGregor, was incredibly engaging!  She made me see the importance of constantly valuing my students, their answers, and most importantly each of their unique experiences.
  4. How do you use or incorporate your experience as National FFA President as a student here at Tarleton?
    The National FFA Organization (formerly Future Farmers of America) has always been a big part of my life, and in 2011 I was given the amazing blessing of serving that organization as its National President.  This experience allowed me the opportunity to travel around 102,000 miles; visit 36 different states, Puerto Rico, and Japan; interact with, speak to, or come into contact with about 96,000 high school and college age students; and spend a year representing an industry which has served as the backbone of our country—agriculture.  This experience was one which drastically affected my life in many ways, one of which was making the decision to transfer to Tarleton State University.  Since making that decision, I have been greeted with enthusiasm here.  I have used my experiences as National FFA President here at Tarleton to network and meet new people.  Tarleton has some of the most friendly instructors and students I have ever met.  It was easy to fall in and feel like a part of the Tarleton family.
  5. Favorite Tarleton Tradition:
    My favorite tradition at Tarleton is not walking on the grass.  To me, this shows an overwhelming sense of respect for tradition, our campus, and most importantly one another as we each take part in something which embodies school spirit. 
  6. Favorite off-campus place to eat and/or hang out and why:
    My favorite off-campus place to eat is Grump’s.  Those are some of the best burgers I have ever eaten in my life!
  7. Favorite movie and why:
    My favorite movie is hands down John Wayne’s “McLintock!”  John Wayne is the man, and this movie is one my Granddad and I have enjoyed watching together for many years.
  8. Tarleton has six core values (tradition, excellence, service, integrity, civility and leadership); would you take one of these and explain what it means to you in your own words?
    Service is something which has been intrinsically instilled within my life.  We each hold the potential to make others’ lives better; it is simply a matter of assessing their needs and acting with love to fill those needs.  “He must become greater; I must become less.”  (John 3:30 NIV) This was his response when John the Baptist was asked to describe his service to Christ.  When one considers their own service to others, the philosophy must be similar.  We must be willing to give whatever it takes for those around us to become greater.  To give of one’s self completely in service to another is an amazing testament to the devotion of that person’s servant heart.  In order to be a true servant, we must make ourselves a servant to everyone in order to gain the confidence, trust, and friendship of those with whom we come into contact.  I have never been more sure of something being right than I am of my calling to serve others. 

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