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Campus Renovations and Construction

Tarleton Renovations

Campus Project Summary

Here’s a brief rundown on what’s happening as of February 2016:

  • Tarleton plans to relocate its University Police Department to the former city of Stephenville Fire Station No. 2 at the northwest corner of campus after renovating the facility. The renovation project is expected to begin in May 2016, with the move of the University Police Department and Parking Services Office slated for December 2016. View more information about this project.
  • In a former parking area just east of Memorial Stadium, two new residential living and learning centers are under construction – designated Traditions North and Traditions South. The two buildings will house more than 600 students, including the new Corps of Cadets and ROTC students.  One also will have a new health and counseling center for students. The buildings are scheduled for completion for the opening of the 2016-2017 academic year. View time-lapse video of residence hall construction.
  • In the center of campus, off Lillian the former Traditions residence hall is being remodeled and expanded as the new residential hall for the Honors College. Designed to serve 436 students, the upgraded building will open in Fall 2016.
  • A major infrastructure improvement is being made to the center of campus, which will result in expanding the pedestrian walkways along Lillian, Vanderbilt and other campus core streets. At the same time, utility improvements will be made to eliminate flooding issues and enhance lighting. The project, which is scheduled for completion in May 2017, will bring a new beauty and aesthetics to the campus and make it much better for our students as they walk from place to place.
  • The Alumni Island project, complete with a larger-than-life bronze of Founder John Tarleton, is complete.  The Alumni Island rests between the Administration Building and the E.J. Howell Education Building, off Military Drive. It  provides an iconic centerpiece for the campus, enhancing its beauty and creating a quiet space for relaxing, studying and conversation.
  • With the addition of new parking lots/spaces, the university has also gated several of the lots closest to the main academic buildings. The gated lots will open to all visitors after 5 p.m., as long as the vehicles leave before 6 a.m. the next day. This change will improve access for visitors to the Fine Arts Building, the Library and other facilities frequently visited by the public. Visitor parking spaces also have been increased.

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