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Campus Employment (Student Worker/G/TA)

All students must maintain a full course of study and have valid documentation in order to work on campus.

On-campus employment takes place on the school’s premises, and the paycheck is issued by Tarleton State University. If you are applying for a job on campus and you learn that an entity other than Tarleton is going to pay you, please check with the International Office before accepting the job.

F-1 Students
You may work up to 20 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. Full-time employment (21-40 hours per week) is allowed only during vacation periods for enrolled and continuing students. No special permission is necessary; however, a valid I-20 issued by Tarleton State University is required.
J-1 Students
If your DS-2019 is issued by Tarleton State University, then your ability to work on campus is the same as that of F-1 students. However, if your DS-2019 is issued by another agency then there must be written authorization from the program sponsor allowing you to work on the Tarleton campus.

Finding a Job

The Career Services website is the overall job applicant service for Tarleton State University. As an international student, you should only be looking for jobs that are for 20 hours/week or less.

  • Visit your academic department and inquire about any job openings.
  • Ask about job openings at the following offices on campus:
    • Dining hall
    • Gym and Recreational Sports Center
    • Computer labs
    • Library

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

For information on G/TA positions, visit the College of Graduate Studies.