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Public transportation in Stephenville is limited. Students in the past have relied on bicycles and/or their own two feet to get around. Obviously, this makes living on or close to campus essential if you wish to do anything in an efficient manner.

For those who may decided to ride a bicycle, please be careful when riding around Stephenville, as motororists are not always aware of bicyclists or pedestrians. Below you will find a list of the public transportation options available for your use.

City and Rural Rides (C.A.R.R.)


C.A.R.R. is a government-subsidized transportation service in Stephenville. You can call for a ride anywhere in the Stephenville area, and it will cost you $1.00 for every 5 miles each way. Our students have been using the service since Spring 2008 and we've been hearing good things. CARR only runs Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm, and they recommend that you schedule rides 2 days in advance.

During the semester, the International Office will provide a shuttle every other week to take students to Wal-Mart and other shopping areas. Emails will be sent out to inform students of the days and times the shuttle will be operating.

Echo Coach Lines

Echo Coach Lines  departs daily  from Stephenville at 1484 W South Loop (we can take you there) and you can book a ride to the Fort-worth for $39.00!
1-844-ECHO-BUS / 1-844-324-6287

This service is available for the following locations:

  • Brownwood, TX
  • Fort Worth, TX
  • Cleburne, TX (This is where the Social Security office is located)
  • Coleman, TX
  • San Angelo, TX
  • Stephenville, TX

The Airport Service

Pat Kelly, owner


  • The Airport Service provides door-to-gate airport shuttle service. After providing them with your flight information, they will pick you up at your place of residence and drive you directly to your gate for a charge of $115.00 per person per trip; each additional person costs $10.00. For the same rates, they will also pick you up from the airport and bring you back to Stephenville.
  • These prices are specific to Stephenville. If you would like to use this service from another town, then make sure to call for pricing.

Shopping Shuttle

International Programs provides a shopping shuttle service to take students to shopping areas around campus. Please check Calendar of Events.

Free Ride Program

International Programs offers interested international students with the opportunity of loaning a bicycle for transportation when they arrive on campus. If you would like to loan a bike for the semester, contact Carlos Figueroa at (254) 968 9545.