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Texan 2 Texan

Texan2Texan brings U.S. students and international students together to share their college experiences in transformative ways. The exchange of ideas and the connections made will create opportunities for native students to learn about the international students’ culture and perspectives, while at the same time allowing international students to find a meaningful way to integrate into the campus culture. International Programs offers the opportunity to local students to join in this fun and exciting learning opportunity through this program.


As an international student, the Texan2Texan program will provide you with the chance to meet local students. They will help you become acquainted with the local scene, as well as the American lifestyle. As a host, sharing in the Texan2Texan program will provide you with the prospect of meeting people from various cultures and backgrounds and helping them experience the best part of Tarleton – its people, values, and traditions.


International Students

  • Be willing to engage in a monthly activity with native partner
  • Be willing to engage in new experiences, share cultures, and values

Local Students

  • Be enrolled full-time and maintain good academic standing
  • Attend an orientation session in the areas of leadership, diversity, and multicultural engagement
  • Be willing to engage in a monthly activity with international partner

How to Apply

Applications for the Fall 2014 semester are now open! 


Students will be matched during our World Travelers Pool Party on Saturday, August 23 for the first time and throughout the semester.

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