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Learn more about Tarleton's commitment to offer innovative, rewarding, and academically challenging opportunities for study abroad. According to the Institute of International Education's data, over the past ten years, the number of U.S. students studying abroad has increased by 150 percent. During the 2005-2006 school year, 223,534 U.S. students studied in foreign countries. Here at Tarleton, students have participated in programs that took them to Australia, Belize, England, Egypt, France, Germany, China, Costa Rica, Italy, and Mexico. Students have participated in semester exchange programs in Thailand and France.

Our students and faculty are involved in a British Studies Consortium with Midwestern State University, New Mexico State University, and University of Houston at Victoria. We hope to continue to add to our faculty-led programs that run in Agriculture, Spanish, Sociology, Social Work, English, Nursing, and International Business.

If you think you might enjoy the prospects of teaching a class with a study abroad component, and that the academic elements of your course would be greatly enhanced by teaching it in a foreign setting, please contact the Study Abroad Office to learn more about our resources for planning programs.

If you advise students, please encourage them to consider some of the options available for independent semester or year-long programs. We have affiliations with various agencies and exchange agreements with several foreign universities, both of which make full-term study abroad accessible.

All students currently pay an International Education Fee of $4.00 per semester. By state law, the funds must be used exclusively for study abroad scholarships. All students should apply for an International Education Fee Scholarship. 

If you share our belief that we should be preparing our students to be twenty-first century citizens of the world, citizens who recognize the demands of living in a global community, then join us in promoting study abroad at Tarleton State University.