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Internships Abroad

Why intern abroad?

While formal study abroad will provide you with a solid academic foundation, interning abroad will provide you with a real applied learning experience within your field.

Benefits of interning abroad:

  • Increase your cultural sensitivity and intercultural communication
  • Gain practical experience in your field
  • Increase your language proficiency
  • Expand your global network
  • Make your resume stand out

AMPED offers a host of internship options in the non-profit sector of Cordoba, Argentina to help challenge and expand participants' learning and skills.

Interns are paired with an expert mentor that can give them a higher level of trained and personalized guidance that will help further their knowledge and development. Participants are also afforded some creative latitude to design their own research or internship program. That is, in addition to deciding their focus area, prospective interns have input concerning their work objectives and the type of work responsibilities they hope to have. Based upon application responses submitted, AMPED's staff and in-country partners will work with project staff to identify an internship assignment that is the most suitable fit and that best matches organizational needs, participants' interests, and their university requirements, if any.

Broadcast Journalism interns in Argentina work at a community radio station that serves the Cordoba area. Broadcasts are in Spanish so this project is a great opportunity to work on your Spanish by researching stories, assisting local staff around the station, and if your Spanish is strong enough you may get some airtime yourself! Your local supervisor at the station will work with you after you arrive to develop responsibilities for you that meet your personal goals and the needs of the station. 

Mente Argentina specializes in facilitating career-related and professional internships in Buenos Aires in business:



Health Care


Human Rights

Medicine Education



The number of placements for our internships is not limited and almost every field of study is available. Based on many years of experience in the field of intercultural programs, Mente Argentina Team is continually seeking new internship opportunities for our participants.

The internships offered by Mente Argentina are non-paid due to the fact that the legal regulations of Argentina require a working visa for a paid internship, and the main objective of our program is international academic training

Mente Argentina has a wealth of experience and knowledge in facilitating international internships that create equal value for both our program participants and the Argentine organizations where they work.


Accenture looks for top performing students in the final year of university - typically, students with knowledge of engineering, commerce or business, computer science and information systems.

You will work as part of a real project team and will gain exposure to skills such as process re-engineering, technology, system implementation and organizational change. You will also undergo an orientation course and on-project learning before you start any project work to help you get a true understanding of what it’s like to be an Accenture consultant.

Internships are offered twice a year from January to June and July to December.

Coulter Roache runs a summer and winter clerkship program.  University students are given the opportunity to spend 2 weeks gaining experience in Geelong's second largest law firm.  Students are allocated to a specific area and assigned a buddy.  Most of their time is spent working in the specified department doing research tasks, drafting correspondence and documents etc. Other experience includes observing mediations, attending court, client meetings with lawyers and CPD or other training.

Lasting twelve weeks, Shell internships are not only paid, they also involve live projects specifically matched to your interests and abilities. This is not work experience – this is working for Shell, in real teams, alongside true professionals. You receive regular and structured performance evaluation from your mentor and direct supervisor, and you get to find out what the energy industry is really like, from the inside. Succeed in your internship and you could be offered a full-time position at Shell when you graduate.


EPA internships provide challenging pre-professional experience in an international setting. We offer a broad range of internship fields in politics, business, the arts, fashion, media, health sciences, medical research, law, theater, and much more. Students get a window on the world of work and an unforgettable opportunity to explore what it's like to live and work in a foreign country.


Interns for this project will be involved in various aspects of environmental conservation and outreach on a daily basis. Responsibilities will include:

Biodiversity monitoring

Fire management of protected lands

Ranger station and trail improvements on protected lands

Marine science education outreach and creation of educational displays

Development of responsible tourism

Education and economic viability training in local communities

Grant writing and fundraising

Background in conservation and research methodology, knowledge in ecology and marine science, prior experience in laboratory work and computer skills, responsible, flexible and organized.

Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary welcomes applications for internships at any time of year. We require a one month minimum placement, with applications due at least two months before your intended date of arrival. We welcome interns from a wide variety of backgrounds and customize placements accordingly. Examples of possible placements include:



Facilities and landscape


Environmental Education

Independent Research

UNDP Belize welcomes applications from outstanding university students and graduates interested in acquiring experience as interns. Through this programme interns gain exposure to UNDP’s Programme and Operations work.

The interns attached to the Programme section are deployed to any of the programme areas. Under operations,interns gain working experience in a wide range of activities including staffing and human resources, procurement,general administration and finance.

Typical tasks performed by the students can include the following:

 Conducting research

Writing documents

Cataloguing information

Assisting in the organization of conferences, forums or other collaborative events

Publishing knowledge stories/best practices


Our summer leadership program Grow with Grant Thornton (Grow), is look at life inside Grant Thornton. You'll get a glimpse of our different service lines and a snapshot of the Grant Thornton Experience. It helps you build leadership skills and think about your interest and goas as you prepare for a successful transition from college to a career. This program is for students who are two years from their final graduation date or students who are unable to participate in our summer internship program. The grow program allows you to:

Gain exposure to the types of work you can expect as an intern or a full-time associate

Interact with firm professionals

Learn about the various career options in the field of public accounting

Network with your peers

Refine your leadership skills

Costa Rica:

On Intern in Costa Rica, you will study Spanish at a local university in bustling San José, the capital of Costa Rica, and work at a custom internship or volunteer placement. You can gain practical skills in your major and really boost your resume with international work experience. In your free time, explore nearby volcanoes, go zip-lining in the rain forest, and get to know Costa Rican culture while sipping some of the best coffee in the world with classmates at a local café!


Animal Science or Veterinary

Archaeology (Museums)


Business Journalism, Radio, TV


Education (teaching English as a second language)

Environmental Science (Biology, Ecology, Conservation, Administration, Education)


Social Work

Sustainable Development

Tourism and Hospitality

Cultural Embrace Internship in Costa Rica program is aimed at university students and graduates with the appropriate skills, experience and Spanish language from all sectors. We offer a wide variety of work experience placements.  Examples of the fields that we have found internship placements for are: administration, finance, law, medicine/health, zoology/animal welfare, film/television, hospitality and tourism, non-profit, public policy, environment/ecology, social work, education, and more.

Whatever enchants you—the damp breezes of a tropical rainforest, meeting new people full of heart-warming hospitality, or learning first-hand about topics that really interest you—Costa Rica is sure to offer it.

Based in Heredia, a suburb of San José, our English-taught study abroad program in Costa Rica allows you to engage in experiential, hands-on learning as you examine topics in Environmental Studies, Sustainable Business Practices, and Human Rights.

Czech Republic:

Prague Intern arranges 3 month unpaid internships throughout the year giving interns the opportunity to develop important skills which employers worldwide are looking for in candidates. The types of positions range from marketing, human resource, finance, law, and management

  • International Agricultural Internship:

This internship programme is for young people who are interested in agriculture. The programme gives trainees a chance of a lifetime to gain valuable work experience and training in Denmark, and to learn more about Danish lifestyle and culture.

Living with a host family and be part of a community abroad is a fantastic chance to learn a foreign language or to improve your language skills.

Most of placements are offered in the following fields:




Fruits and Vegetables/Farmers' Market

Greenhouse/Nursery/Garden Centre

Equine Husbandry



Specialized Placement


As one of the most renowned cities in the world, Paris is perfect for students, recent graduates, and pre-professionals to intern in their field of study. Known for its many museums and international visitors, internships in art, art history, media, and tourism are excellent options for those who wish to delve into their career paths in a cultural epicenter. Other programs in the business, health, NGO, and political science fields are also available and provide great opportunities for hands-on learning. Since all of our internships are fully customized, you can be sure that your experience will be hand-tailored to meet your specific areas of interest within your line of work.

Hong Kong:

Intern in Hong Kong with Global Talentz and gain a wealth of experience with a 2-6 month internship.

You will have the unique opportunity to gain inside knowledge while interning in your field of interest, meet people from all over the world and immerse yourself in Asian culture.

In today's highly competitive job market, employers are looking for candidates that stand out from the crowd and have done interesting extra curricular activities.

Dream Careers offers career-making internships in Hong Kong! As an Industry leader in placing students in the field of their choice, you can be assured you are in good hands as you make the transition from home to Hong Kong. We offer summer internships in Hong Kong to college students studying abroad. Duration will range from 1-3 months.


The program is an immersion into the Hindi film industry and will emphasize the inner workings and logistics of film in Mumbai and incorporate visits and lectures from writers, producers, directors, actors, film directors and art designers.

Gain experience in a number of functional areas such as:




Food and Beverage

Accounting & Finance

Human Resources

Sales & Marketing (including online)


This vast archipelago consisting of 17,500 islands is a popular hot-spot attracting thousands of travelers every year. TEFL market has grown rapidly as locals Indonesians struggle to adapt their skills to the tourist industry. Work to change the lives of these locals with your TEFL certification and classroom education in the English language.

As a teacher in Indonesia, you can expect ample opportunities, a low cost of living, flexible teaching requirements and the chance to mark your students' work on the beach! It's the perfect place to begin your TEFL career!

On top of all perks of traveling, your enthusiastic students and the delicious chicken stay you can enjoy on your lunch breaks... there's even more to look forward to! Earn up to IDR 8,500,000 (GBP 510*) per month! You'll also enjoy the benefits of subsidized housing (compliments of the school) with your own air-conditioned room only a short a short distance away from school.

Internship-Indonesia is a company headquartered in the European Union with a solid team present in Indonesia. We are a small, close-knit organization with great international experience, including many years in Indonesia itself. We recruit qualified European and world-wide university students and graduates for professional internship programs with hosting organizations located in Indonesia. We have established cooperation with leading universities, associations and corporations to become a source of highly qualified interns for hosting companies in Indonesia.


Global Experiences Dublin internships are your opportunity to gain professional work experience and be immersed in Irish life and culture. This extraordinary program offers professional placements in a wide range of career fields, from engineering and fashion to marketing and hotel management, giving you an international edge that will open many doors to your future career path.

Program participants will work with our experienced staff to refine their resumes and prepare for placement in an internship that meets their personal and professional goals. Global Experiences is pleased to stand by a 100% placement success rate for participants accepted into our program. Former Dublin interns are now working in companies all over the world, having began their careers with a Global Experiences internship.

On  Intern in Dublin, you really get the best of both worlds! After an introduction on how to live and work in Dublin, you will work full-time alongside your Irish counterparts and you can choose an 8-week, 10-week, or 12-week program. Once the workday is over, you’ll have one of the greatest cities in Europe outside your door. You will experience:

New multiculturalism in an up-and-coming city

A custom international internship experience

International interns and colleagues

Professional references for the future

Travel opportunities throughout the regain

360* Networking Toolkit


This comprehensive international internship programs in Milan provide much more than just your customized guaranteed internship. While Global Experiences focus heavily on matching you with the best employer to provide a dream work experience, a wide range of other program components are offered to enhance the overall experience.

Interns can expect to work side by side with local colleagues, receive direction from a manager or staff member, and behave just as one would in a real job. On weekends or after work hours, interns engage in a host of activities depending on each participant’s tastes. Interns share meals with new friends or host family members, take in cultural events, explore the city, or even take day or weekend trips outside of the area. World Endeavors provides a list of possible activities in the area and the World Endeavors local coordinator can also function as an ever present guide and ambassador to the area.


The main reason to join Internship in Japan is to gain a unique experience that is valuable for your personal development and career future. It is this experience that helps you to stand out from the crowd of other applicants in today's competitive job market. The Internship In Japan program welcomes motivated students and recent graduates, between the ages of 20 to 30, from around the world, to intern with a wide variety of host organizations in the Tokyo area. We offer both summer and year-round programs for duration from 1 to 6 months. Full support for work and living matters is provided. We encourage you to discover why Japan is the road less traveled and how that can make all the difference for you.

Tokyo is a big, bustling mega-city, full of opportunity, and Intrax’s internships reflect that. Placement possibilities might include working in the world of high finance, philanthropy, or cultural exchange. By getting your feet wet in Tokyo, you’ll not only be learning about a new and very different culture, you’ll be making valuable connections, and gaining an understanding of the booming Asian business market. It’s the kind of experience that will not only look good on your resume, but will give you an experience and a career boost that just can’t be matched by sitting in a classroom back home. 

New Zealand:

This program will provide interns with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a New Zealand classroom. This will enable interns to gain pre-requisite classroom experience and gain firsthand knowledge of the New Zealand primary and secondary school system. Plus, the teaching of te reo Maori (indigenous language) and culture, along with other unique components of the local grade and high school education, will make this a valuable learning experience for interns as well.

Interns will be placed in vibrant, inner city schools that host an exciting mix of nationalities which offer classroom-based experiences as teacher aids. Interns will provide valuable assistance to teachers in their dynamic classroom environment and may also work with special needs children since they are mainstreamed at most schools and require more attention.

Placement name: Internship with a leading provider of solutions and advice for sustainable development and the management of land-based natural resources

Landcare Research is New Zealand's leading provider of solutions and advice for sustainable development and the management of land-based natural resources.  Their research focuses on six key areas: Conservation, climate change, solid and waterway health, biodiversity, reducing pest and disease impact on ecosystems, and sustainable business practices.  They offer many different internships, including:

Sustainable Forestry

Mammal Conservation

Climate Change Research

Placement name: Internship at a center which provides legal advice and assistance to community groups

Wellington Community Law Centre provides legal advice and assistance to community groups based in Wellington on issues such as setting up legal entities, constitutional matters, employment and privacy.  They give free legal information, advice, and education to people throughout Wellington.  Your internship duties will include: General administrative assistance, including office procedures, filing, posting and computer inputting; reception duties with clients; assisting at free legal advice sessions, including some assistance to the volunteer lawyers; and research assisting with reporting to funding organizations.


NSF-funded internships are available effective immediately for the Panama Canal Project (PCP)-PIRE (NSF-funded Partnership for International Research and Education) for United States citizens or permanent residents undergraduate or post-bac students to assist with collecting fossils and other fieldwork in the exposures along the Panama Canal (Panama).

Interns will live in Panama for a minimum of 4 months during Spring and Fall, and 3 months during Summer conducting fieldwork under the supervision of PIRE PIs and Postdoctoral Fellows at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) in Panama City. Experience in Geological/Paleontological fieldwork and some level of bi-lingual (English/Spanish) competency is preferred.

This internship provides an excellent opportunity for students who might be considering taking a semester off between their studies to gain valuable research and international experiences.

Be part of a team of talented young people, where you can be the star of a demanding and challenging project. At Copa Airlines, we encourage innovation and teamwork; therefore, you will be able to design and implement high-impact projects for our company, while developing your leadership and creativity.

Copa Airlines is offering you the opportunity to become part of the leading team that connects Latin America to various cities in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean via our Hub of the Americas.

As a Copa Airlines intern, you will have fulfilling experiences in a diverse environment that thrives on teamwork values and continuous improvement, inspiring you to go a long way in your professional career.

South Korea:

United Nations Office for Sustainable Development (UNOSD) invites interns to join its consultants and staff for the following tasks (depending in interests, experience, and qualifications):

Policy analysis, and synthesis, data recording and editing, and documentary research 

Translation and/or drafting of communication materials of research and event reports 

Logistics assistance for the organizing of events like workshops and conferences 

Related clerical work


Interning in Barcelona or Madrid is a great way to gain experience, broaden your cultural perspective and make connections that may help you in your career. Madrid is an innovative city with a growing technology sector: past interns here have worked for financial companies and foreign language schools. Barcelona, with its seaside location, has always been a major trading city and a major commercial center. Interns here in the past have worked in the online retail and fashion industries. 

United Kingdom:

Intern London offers you an array of internships across the corporate sector.

The city of London is the hub of global business and finance. Housing the world’s leading financial institutions, legal firms and blue chip companies, it is a city of opportunity. Intern London offers corporate placements that will accelerate your career development in a variety of organizations.

With the globalization of business, international internship experience is increasingly desired by employers. Students with an experience of different working cultures and practices are more highly sought after than their peers.

Accountancy and Finance

Banking and Hedge Funds


Government and Politics

Hospitality and Tourism

Human Resources                            

International Business

Information Technology



Real Estate

UNAC’s Internship program, Intern in Britain, gives participants a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience British life and culture from the inside for up to 6 months.

The BUNAC Blue Card Internship Program is a Government Authorized Exchange and BUNAC is authorized by the UK Border Agency to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship to successful applicants who can then apply for a visa before entering Britain. BUNAC accepts applications all year round from full-time students or recent graduates of any nationality outside the EEA