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MS - IS Online

Tarleton State University is pleased to provide a way for those with a college degree in any discipline to acquire skills in the area of Information Systems, with our new Virtual Learning Environment for the Master of Science in Information Systems (MS-IS) program.

In today's complex and ever changing job market, skills in information technology are vital to keep pace. Our department offers this Masters program as a way to obtain those skills, whether you are a new professional in the field or an established professional wishing to update your skills (without the time and expense of obtaining a second bachelors degree).

Online students are able to take the exact same courses in a traditional MSIS program and receive the same degree from Tarleton State University, an institution that is regionally accredited and nationally recognized as prominent and innovative leaders in information systems education

You will use the Internet to interact with the course instructor and your classmates via e-mail, telephone, chat, and discussion board capabilities. Course material and assignments can be completed anywhere you have Internet access, at home, in the office, or on the road. The only activity requiring scheduling will be testing, either on campus or through a selected proctor in your area.

Online students are welcome to attend and take part in our graduation ceremonies. Online courses share all the advantages of on-campus courses with none of the scheduling limitations.

To pursue this degree, you need a college degree, acceptance to the College of Graduate Studies, Internet access, basic computer skills, time you schedule for yourself to complete the required course content and a desire to get a Master's degree in the exciting field of Information Systems. Today is your first step toward a new and challenging career in the I.T. industry!


The Blackboard online education environment is the current state of the art for online course content. For information on student interaction with the blackboard system please read the linked information here.