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Advisement Information

General M.ED Program Advisement

Dr. Elizabeth Garcia,
M.ED Concentration Area Advisement
Concentration Area Advisor E-mail
Child and Family Support Dr. Kristina Higgins
Educational Diagnostician Dr. Lisa Cavin
Instructional Specialist Dr. Elizabeth Garcia
Curriculum Specialist Dr. Laurie Hawke
Reading Specialist Dr. Rebecca Putman
Special Education Dr. James Gentry
English as a Second Language Specialist Dr. Jessica Meehan
Curriculum & Instruction Specialist Dr. Elizabeth Garcia
Instructional Design & Technology Dr. Credence Baker
Technology Applications
Technology Director
Non-Degree, Certification-only Programs
Certificate Advisor E-mail
Educational Diagnostician Dr. Lisa Cavin
Reading Teacher Dr. Rebecca Putman
TMATE Teacher Certification with M.ED.
Certification Advisor E-mail
Fort Worth Campus TMATE1 Dr. Laura Estes

1All TMATE students have Dr. Laura Estes as an advisor until completion of the TMATE program.  At that time, the students will be directed to a concentration area advisor.