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Diagnostician Certification - 24 hours

Designed For

Professionals with a Master’s degree  interested in evaluation and programming for individuals with disabilities in P-12 school or clinical settings.

Your Future

Educational Diagnosticians provide educational, intellectual and social/emotional diagnostic information to help determine the most appropriate programs for individuals with disabilities.

Concentration Area Advisor

Dr. Lisa Cavin,

The Program

Coursework Required for Certification
Credit Hours Subject Course Course Title
3 EDSP 505 Introduction to Exceptional Learners
3 EDSP 511 Behavior Management in Special Education OR
3 EDSP 513** Advanced Study in Learning Disabilities
3 EDSP 515 Advanced Study of Developmental Disabilities OR
3 EDSP 513** Advanced Study in Learning Disabilities
3 EDSP 529* Assessing Cognitive Abilities Exceptional Learners
3 EDSP 525* Appraisal of Exceptional Learners
3 RDG 575 Literacy Assessment
3 EDSP 528 Case Management for Educational Diagnosticians
3 EDSP 599 Internship for Educational Diagnosticians

Additional Texas Certification Requirements:

  • Master's Degree
  • Minimum of 2 years public school teaching experience

* Hybrid courses: theory on line, lab one Saturday per month in Stephenville. All remaining courses delivered online
** Required for certification if not special education certified

Master Reading Teacher - 9 hours

About the Texas Master Reading Teacher (MRT) Program

In 1999, the 75th Texas Legislature established the $36 million Master Reading Teacher (MRT) Program to support advanced training for reading educators and offer additional support in reading for all classroom teachers. The Master Reading Teacher Certificate is being implemented as part of the Texas Reading Initiative to ensure that all Texas students are reading on grade level by the end of the third grade and that their reading knowledge and skills grow throughout their public school careers.

The goals of the Master Reading Teacher Program are to provide proficient teachers with the tools to:

  • enhance their expertise in the content and pedagogy of reading; and
  • guide fellow teachers in improving their reading instruction.

A Master Reading Teacher may be eligible for a state stipend if serving as a MRT on a designated “high-need” campus. Details about the MRT Program can be found on the web site for the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC)

Designed For

Professionals who seek expertise in reading. Classes are offered as online and hybrid courses to accommodate the working professional.

Your Future

Master Reading Teachers work collaboratively with classroom teachers to plan and deliver instruction to meet the needs of individuals with reading difficulties.

Concentration Area Advisor

Dr. Laurie McAdams,

** ** Concentration area advisors direct students' enrollment advisement and release of advising holds.

The Program

Certification: 9 hours
Credit Hours Subject Course Course Title Semester
3 RDG 573 Foundations of Reading Summer
3 RDG 575 Literacy Assessment Summer
3 PSY 590 Advanced Psycholinguistics Summer

These courses may be counted toward a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction at Tarleton State University and toward the Professional Reading Specialist Certificate.

2 Module Requirements:

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Second Language Learner

Application Process

  1. Apply for admission to Tarleton’s MRT Program by completing and returning the application form. The application deadline is March 15th. Along with the application, provide the following:
    • Official undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) transcripts not currently on file at TSU,
    • a photocopy of current Texas teacher certificate and Professional Reading Specialist certificate (if applicable), and
    • a photocopy of an official service record showing three years of employment as a classroom teacher.
  2. Applicants will be notified by April 1 of results of the initial screening for the Tarleton MRT Program.
  3. Upon notification of successful screening into the Tarleton MRT program, apply for admission to the College of Graduate Studies as a non-degree student. A non-refundable $30 application-processing fee must accompany the application of students who will be attending Tarleton for the first time. For more information about Graduate Admissions call 1-800 OUR GRAD or visit the Graduate Studies website.
  4. Register for appropriate graduate course work.

Admission and Program Requirements:

The Master Reading Teacher Certificate may be obtained in two ways:

  • Teachers holding a valid Texas professional Reading Specialist Certificate (NOT an Elementary Certificate with a specialization in reading) will need to complete a modified program which includes modules on the topics of Dyslexia, Coaching and Mentoring, and Second Language Learners. Any additional program requirements will be determined on an individual basis following an analysis of the applicant’s strengths.
  • Individuals holding a valid teaching certificate with at least three years of teaching experience must complete Tarleton’s MRT preparation program and pass the MRT certification test.

Program Costs

Visit the Registrar to view current tuition and fee rates.

*Tuition and fees are established by the Texas legislature and are subject to change. The Master Reading Teacher Exam and Certification fees are set by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).