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Graduate Degree Programs

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) program is designed to prepare aspiring individuals for challenging and productive roles as campus-level and central office-level administrators in Texas public schools through quality educational experiences that stimulate and encourage intellectual, personal, and professional growth and a strong commitment to education and those served.

***The M.Ed. program is available through two program formats. The NCELP program provides an alternative to the traditional program format.


The 30-hour M.Ed. (Master's Degree) in Educational Administration is designed to prepare educators to serve as principals, and other campus- or district-level administrators in Texas public schools. By taking just 3 additional hours (33 total), students can complete coursework for principal certification. The program is tailored to the working professional- with options to complete all coursework online or via hybrid delivery in the Fort Worth, Waco, and Stephenville areas.

The New Century Educational Leadership Program is designed to prepare professionals for challenging and productive campus leadership roles in the Texas public schools. NCELP is an accelerated program utilizing intensive summer coursework and monthly seminars combined with three semester internships in the public schools.