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Elementary Certificate Plans

Instructions for opening as a .xls file: Please click on your certificate area.  You will then be asked to open an Excel file.  Once the file has opened in Excel, please save the file to a disk or to your computer.  It is recommended that you save the file to your H: drive and to an external memory device.


EC-6 Generalist with ESL

EC-6 Generalist Bilingual

4-8 Generalist with ESL

4-8 English Language Arts and Rdg/SS with ESL Supplemental

4-8 Math with ESL Supplemental

4-8 Math/Science

4-8 Science with ESL Supplemental

All-Level Special Ed with EC-6 Generalist and ESL

 If you would like a copy of any previously used certificate plans, please send an email to Allison Andrews and include the certificate area and approximate semester it was used.