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THEA Scores & Alternative Tests Scores Required for Admission

Teacher Education Program Admission Testing Requirement - How to meet

All applicants must take and pass the THEA (previously called TASP) or an approved alternative: Accuplacer,  Asset, or Compass.  All three parts must be passed, but applicants may use a combination of tests and test dates.  There is no time limit on how old these tests may be. The new TSI Assessment test cannot be used.

The Accuplacer, Compass, and Quick THEA are given at Tarleton, but require an appointment.  Call 254-968-9423 or go to Academic Testing in Room 201 in the Math Building for more information.  If you need to take the writing portion, please ask to take the essay portion first and tell them that it is for the Teacher Education Program. 

All 3 parts - WRITING, READING, and MATH - must be passed by the end of the application semester.

If you need to find out your current test scores, please check with your advisor or send your name and ID number in an email to

WRITING Accuplacer 6 on Accuplacer essay OR 5 on Accuplacer essay and 80 on Accuplacer skills
Asset 6 on Asset essay OR 5 on Asset essay and 40 on Asset skills
Compass 6 on Compass essay OR 5 on Compass essay and 59 on Compass skills
THEA 220
READING Accuplacer 78
Asset 41
Compass 81
THEA 230
MATH Accuplacer 63 on Elementary Algebra
Asset 38 on Math 2 / Elementary Algebra
Compass 39 on Algebra
THEA 230

Alternative Testing Locations

  • Tarleton - Fort Worth - Offering Accuplacer Monday - Thursday to Tarleton students only.  Call Chelsea at 817-732-7300 or stop by Suite 500 in the center to make an appointment.
  • MCC - Waco - The Accuplacer has been reinstated at this campus for Tarleton Teacher Ed Program students.  Students will need to identify themselves as a TSU TEP student needing to take the  ACCUPLACER exam for program requirements.  Please have the scores sent to TSU admissions via:  Fax 254-968-9951 or email to
  • Hill College - They are offering the Quick THEA for $29, plus a $10 proctoring fee.  Call (817) 760-5814 to schedule an appointment.
  • Temple College - They are offering the Accuplacer and Quick THEA, Mon - Thur.  Contact information is and 254-298-8586.
  • Texas Woman's University -We have confirmed that Texas Woman's University in Denton is administering the Accuplacer test and you do not have to be a student there to take it.  They are only publishing test dates one month at a time.  To see test dates and to register, go to:


The following universities are reportedly still giving one or more of the exams but are not nearby.  Please check with the institution directly if you would like to test at their location.  They must be willing to administer the test to someone not enrolled at their institution and must be willing to release the scores to you or send them to Tarleton.