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Emergency Certification / Deficiency Plan

Deficiency Plans are available for classroom teacher certification, school counselor, and educational diagnostician.

The first step in the deficiency plan process is to meet with your advisor and complete a ‘Deficiency Plan Request Form.’  Please complete the request found here and mail it along with your payment and all additional required documents listed on the request to the address below.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Educator Preparation Services
Box T-0790
Stephenville, TX  76402

  • All course work listed on this Deficiency Plan must be taken at Tarleton.
  • This office does not provide letters stating that a student is eligible for a Deficiency Plan.
  • Updated Deficiency Plans and Deficiency Plans for additional teaching fields will be provided at a cost of $25.00 per plan.

Tarleton State University may provide a deficiency plan for an individual who seeks certification while teaching in a public school.  A processing fee of $50.00 will be charged for the preparation of each deficiency plan.  The Certification Officer will prepare a deficiency plan using the following guidelines:

  1. The applicant must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.
  2. The applicant must meet all criteria for admission to the Tarleton Teacher Education Program at the time the deficiency plan is issued.

If requesting a deficiency plan for teacher certification, the following requirements must also be met in order for a deficiency plan to be issued:

  1. 12 hours of English (2 freshman composition courses and 2 sophomore level courses) with a grade of “C” or better
  2. 3 hours of speech communication with a grade of “B” or better
  3. 2.6 GPA on all coursework in the certification field, in professional development, and overall on the certificate plan
  4. Passing scores on all three sections of the THEA examination, or an approved alternative test

If requesting a deficiency plan for school counselor or educational diagnostician, please check with your advisor first for the additional requirements.

Please note:  Transcript evaluations will be approved in the academic departments.  Upon evaluation, academic departments may choose not to allow a Deficiency Plan to be written. Please allow three or more weeks from the time the application and all supporting documents are received for this evaluation to be completed.  We will not begin to process the application until all required items have been received.  If you are applying for any professional certificate (counselor or educational diagnostician), you must first contact an academic advisor who will determine whether or not you meet departmental requirements for a Deficiency Plan.