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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a “Ticket Distribution?

During your PD1/PD2 semester field experience hours, some of the smaller districts require a “Ticket” due to the low number of available spots.  The tickets are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis.  The date of the distribution is announced during the first week of class.

When do I apply for clinical teaching?
Typically during your PD2 semester; the dates for application information sessions are listed at the top of the Clinical Teaching Info page.
Do I have to attend an application information session for clinical teaching?
Yes.  You are not allowed to submit an application for clinical teaching if you have not attended the information session.
Can I only choose a placement within the districts or schools listed in the application for clinical teaching?
We prefer you limit your choices to the districts and schools listed, as they are members of our Effective Schools Project; however, you may list any district or school on the placement location form, but that placement is not a guarantee.
If I will take PD2 in the summer, do I still attend the application information session?
Yes.  Current PD1 students who will take PD2 during the summer and return in the fall enrolled in PD3, must attend an information session for a fall placement.
Why do you take my picture when I submit my application for clinical teaching?
Your picture is taken and kept on file for office purposes.
I am a student on a scholarship and was told clinical teaching did not provide enough hours for me to maintain the scholarship. What happens now?

Call the Director of Field Experiences (254-968-9811) and he/she will prepare documentation for the scholarship office noting clinical teaching as a full load.