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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who must submit the TExES Test Approval Request Form?
Students who are completing an educator preparation program through Tarleton State University must submit the TExES Test Approval Request Form prior to taking their first required TExES exam.
Why must the TExES Test Approval Request Form be submitted?
The Testing Coordinator for Certification must give approval in the online registration system for all tests taken by students completing an educator program at Tarleton State University. Information from this form is entered in the registration system once the Testing Coordinator receives confirmation from the department that the student is eligible to test.
When is a student eligible to test?
A student cannot test until they are close to finishing course requirements for the certificate they are seeking. Therefore, most students are not eligible to test until they are in their last semester of course work. In addition, each department has the final say in whether or not a student is eligible to test. 
Exceptions: 1) Student teachers are usually eligible to begin taking their TExES exams during the PDIII semester and the Testing Coordinator will share the test schedule at the beginning of PDIII. 2) TMATE students must pass the content exam by PACT in order to be fully admitted to the TMATE program and be eligible for an internship placement. 
How many tests must I take?
Students must take the tests required for the certificate they are seeking.. All students completing requirements for an initial standard certificate will be required to take at least two tests, a content exam and the Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities (PPR) exam. A third exam may be required if a student is also completing requirements for a supplemental area or an additional teaching field. Students completing requirements for a professional standard certificate (Principal, School Counselor, Superintendent, Reading Specialist, Educational Diag., etc.) will only be required to take one test.
How much do the tests cost?
Currently, the cost for each test is $131.00. Students who fail the EC-6 or 4-8 Core Subjects exam will only be required to retake the failed domain sections and each section will cost $65.00.
How do I pay the test fee?
Payment is made when you go online and register. You must pay by credit or debit card and they accept all of the major cards. 
How often are the tests given?
The TExES exams are offered continuously by computer or by computer during specific test windows.
Where can I take the test?
There are test sites all across Texas and you can take the test at any of the available test sites.  Tarleton is a CAT test site at the Stephenville location only.
How do I register?
Once you submit the TExES Test Approval Form, the Coordinator for Certification Testing must verify your eligibility to test with the department and designate your approval to test in the online registration system. The coordinator will then send the student an email informing them they have been approved to test and it is the student's responsibility to go online and register by the ETS registration deadline (on test schedule).
FAQ's provided by TEA

The attached list contains FAQ's provided by TEA and is adopted from their Texas Educator Certification Program Manual that was revised February 2015. It includes a comprehensive list of questions and answers providing more detailed and additional information than the questions above. If you are not able to find the specific answer to your questions, click the following link to obtain more information: more information here.

Additional FAQ testing questions can also be found at this link.

FAQ's Concerning TExES Test Retakes
Attached is a detailed explanation provided by TEA outlining questions surrounding the retake policy taking effect September 1, 2015. To view this document, click here.