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Certification by Exam

Certification by Examination

The state of Texas makes available to certified teachers the option of adding new content/teaching field areas to their existing teaching credential through a method called Certification by Examination. Although many currently certified teachers prefer to have formal preparation prior to attempting a TExES exam in another content area, the state will allow the individual to challenge the content area TExES exam without any formal preparation. 

Adding a non-professional level certification in this way does not require approval from an educator preparation program since the program did not prepare the individual for the content area being added. If you have an initial standard certificate and would like to add another certification by exam only, you can register online at the ETS website.  

Note: Professional certificates cannot be added by simply taking an exam. Professional certificates require preparation through an approved program. Professional certificates include Principal, Superintendent, School Counselor, Educational Diagnostician, and Reading Specialist.