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Test Taking Tips

  1. Do not rush through the test (you have five hours). Don't worry about how quickly your neighbor finishes -- they could be taking a different test anyway.

  2. Use test taking strategies -- underline, circle, cross out, rewrite in own words. Whatever you need to do to help you understand what is being said or what the question is asking. NOTE: If you are taking a CAT, you will be provided with paper to take notes on. This paper will be taken up and shredded when you complete the exam. You may go back and change responses. Guessing does not count against you, but not marking an answer counts as an incorrect response. Therefore, never leave an answer blank!

  3. If you need "think time" for a particular answer, mark that number on the test booklet in some way and come back to it. Always work through the test first, answering all of the obvious questions and then go back to the questions you need time to think about.

  4. Read carefully. The answer is usually found in the question.

  5. DO NOT make it a habit of reading back through the questions and changing your answers. 

  6. Take breaks. Your mind will need a break! 

  7. Once you select the answer, read the question and your answer TOGETHER to make sure the answer does answer the question being asked. Many times we end up picking an answer that sounds good but doesn't necessarily apply to the question being asked. 

  8. Be a POSITIVE test taker! Believe in yourself!