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Degree Options

Undergraduate Courses

Graduate Studies

All Level Certification -Provides students with an education for a career in teaching physical education K-12 in the public school system. A hands-on learning experience is incorporated in many of our required courses. This degree option requires a semester of student teaching in the public schools. Students will be able to take the TeXeS (teacher certification test) for all level physical education upon completion of all course requirements in this option.

All Level Certification with Additional Teaching Field -This degree option certifies an individual who is interested in coaching /teaching at the junior high and high school levels. This degree requires a semester of student teaching in the public school system prior to graduation.

Fitness Management-This is a concentration for careers in stress testing, cardiac rehabilitation programs, corporate or fitness center programs, personal fitness training. This degree option requires a 300 hour approved internship prior to graduation. This degree does not certify an individual to teach in the public school system.

Athletic Training-This degree option fulfills the Texas Department of Health requirements for athletic training licensure. This will allow the student to practice in the rehabilitation clinic, corporate, hospital and college/professional sport settings. A five semester/1800 hour internship is required.