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Dr. Joe Priest


24th Season


  • B.S. Sul Ross University, 1970
  • M.S. Sul Ross University, 1972
  • Ed.D. Texas A&M University Commerce, 1983


Dr. Joe Priest showing students a beef heart.

Dr. Priest has been a member of the Tarleton faculty since 1991. He is currently a professor in the Kinesiology Department as well as the Director for the Laboratory for Wellness and Motor Behavior.

Before joining the Tarleton family, Dr. Priest worked as the Director for Aerobics Research at the Cooper Institute. He conducted contract fitness training for the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Marshalls, U.S. Drug Enforcement and 10 state agencies. After working several years in the corporate world, he went back to school and obtained his Doctorate of Education from Texas A&M University-Commerce in 1983.

He currently serves as a consultant for Magnet Schools of America and is instrumental in implementing Medical Sciences Magnet Schools around the country. Throughout his career, he has conducted research and investigations on the effects of exercise on individuals with spinal cord injuries and other conditions resulting in paralysis. The Laboratory for Wellness and Motor Behavior serves as an applied learning environment for his students.  He has  published his research findings in several in peer-review journals.

Quick Facts

Joe Priest

Dr. Joe Priest

Classes Taught

  • Biomechanics (KINE 5385)
  • Kinesiology (KINE 4380)
  • Physiology of Exercise (KINE 4320)

Quotes to Live By

One should always be ready at attention when the call to march comes.

–Thomas Huxley

Why is Kinesiology Important?

Exercise keeps the body healthy; it’s the most natural form of medicine in the world.

Favorite fitness routine:

Lifting weights, calesthentics, and cycling