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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the study of movements of the body.

How do I become a teacher/coach?
To become a teacher or coach, you can take the all-level certification emphasis of the Kinesiology degree. With this concentration, you take prerequisites for the education program, apply to the education program, and upon acceptance continue taking education courses and participate in student teaching. You can also take the fitness management concentration and do your teaching certificate in a graduate-level program such as, TMATE or iTeach Texas.
Can I do anything besides coach?

Yes. There are many options to choose from within Kinesiology. With a degree in Kinesiology, graduates can pursue careers in personal training, recreation, allied health, nutrition, and sports medicine, to name a few.

What can I do with a Fitness Management concentration?
Personal training, recreation, allied health (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant), nutrition, and sports marketing and management.
Will this help me get my prerequisites for PT/OT/Med School?

The Kinesiology department offers many classes that are beneficial to those wanting to pursue careers in healthcare. With a major in Kinesiology, there are only a few other classes required by Medical schools, Physical Therapy schools, and Occupational Therapy schools that are not included in the degree plan. These classes, however, are offered the Tarleton College of Science and Technology and can fit into your degree plan as electives. Tarleton State University does not have a Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Medical School; however the professors in the Kinesiology department are eager to help students pick a school to help them continue their education. 


Can I get a Masters or Doctorate degree?

Yes! The Kinesiology Department offers a Masters program. A Doctorate degree can be also obtained in a Doctor of Education (D.Ed.)

What are PD points?
Professional Development are points that encourage networking and personal growth.
How do I get PD points?
Professional Development points can be obtained through experiences including, memberships, certifications, research, leadership, fitness, service, and a professional portfolio.
What do I do with my PD points?
PD Points should be uploaded to Chalk and wire, which can be accessed through blackboard. For specific directions on how to upload PD points, refer to the Student Resources page. The Champion’s Club in KINE 102 is also available  to help with uploading your points.
How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?
The best way to schedule an appointment with your advisor is to email them to set up a date a time.
Who is my advisor?
Advisors are divided alphabetically and by concentration. You can come to the Kinesiology office and check to see who your advisor is.
Do I have to be advised?
First time freshmen and transfers must be advised before they can register for classes. It is recommended that you get advised every semester. If you have under 45 degree hours, you must go to the academic advising office located room 13 in the Barry B. Thompson student center. 
After you have 45 degree hours, you will sign up to be advised with your advisor in the Kinesiology department.
How can I become an athletic trainer?

Athletic Trainers in Texas must be licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Tarleton offers all coursework (approximately 10 courses) and clinical experience (5 semesters/1800 hours) required to be eligible to take the Texas Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers state board exams. Successful completion of all coursework, clinical experiences and exams allow the student to practice as a Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT). The first step to becoming a LAT through Tarleton State University is the completion of KINE 212, Introduction to Athletic Training.

The Tarleton Sports Medicine program is currently working towards the start of an accredited entry-level master’s program for athletic training with plans to start in the summer of 2016. With completion of this new program, students will be eligible to sit for both the Texas licensure exam and the national certification exam (BOC) for athletic training, providing students the opportunity to work anywhere in the country and even abroad.

How can I get a personal training certification?
You can become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. It is only available to those with a bachelor’s degree or higher and college seniors who will gain their certification upon receiving their bachelor’s degree. The certification is gained after an exam that can be taken via pencil and paper or computer. The Kinesiology department offers Theory of Strength and Conditioning (KINE 3320), which covers the material tested on this exam.
You can also become certified as a personal trainer through the American Council of Exercise (ACE). This test is available to students over the age of 18 and does not require a bachelors degree. The test is available by computer or pen and paper. The department of Kinesiology offers a seminar class that teaches personal training for students seeking their ACE certification.
How can I get my teaching certification?

You can obtain you teaching certificate through the Kinesiology Department by choosing a concentration in All-level certification. You also have the option to add an additional teaching field to make yourself more marketable to employers. This option includes a semester of student teaching. 

You can also obtain a teaching certificate through the Tarleton Model for Accelerated Teacher Education (TMATE). TMATE is a year-long graduate-level program that certifies students interested teaching. The TMATE program prepares students to teach in a semester and then is followed by an internship year of teaching with a probationary certificate.

Another option is through iTeach Texas. iTeach Texas is a graduate-level program that is completely online. A teaching certificate is obtained over a year-long period and includes online course-work and field experience. Field experience can be gained through an internship year as a full-time teacher or in clinical teaching, which is similar to student teaching.

How do I get a pool pass?
A pool pass can be purchased at the pool, during pool hours.
Students with TSU I.D:   No Charge
Faculty and Staff with TSU I.D: No Charge
Student Family Pass: $30
Faculty and staff Family Pass: $30
Community Individuals: $30
Community Family Pass: $30
Community Individual One Day: $3 per person
Are the tennis courts available to the public? When?
Yes. The first four tennis courts are open to the public. They are open until 10:00pm
What is the Champion’s Club?
The Champions Club is located in room 102 of the Kinesiology building. In this room, students can collaborate, hang out between classes, and get help with professional development points. Official Kinesiology gear is also available for sale in the Champions Club along with class supplies, and snacks and water.
What is the Lab for Wellness Motor Behavior?

The Lab for Wellness and Motor Behavior is a lab that focuses on rehabilitation of those who have been paralyzed, either by stroke or accident. Those interested in allied health can also do their internships in this lab. The lab is located in the Kinesiology building in room 175.

What is the CERF Lab?
The Clinical Exercise Research Facility (CERF) is a lab that focuses on health and fitness evaluations. The lab is available for internships for those interested in allied health. The lab is located in the Kinesiology building in room 174.
Where can I do my internship?
You can do your internship anywhere that coincides with what you want to do with your degree in Kinesiology. Internships must be approved by Dr. Peak by the appropriate deadline.