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Graduate Comprehensive Exam

Graduate Degree Comprehensive Examination

Every candidate for an M.Ed., M.S., or S.S.P. degree must apply for and pass a comprehensive examination.   The examination is taken in the final semester of graduate coursework listed on the student's degree plan, including all internship and practicum courses (if any). 

Majors in counseling, professional counseling, marriage and family therapy, psychological associate, and school psychology

Graduating Semester Comprehensive Examination Dates and Application Deadlines

  • Fall -- Exam is given in November -- October 1st application deadline
  • Spring – Exam is given in April -- March 1st application deadline
  • Summer Sessions I & II – Exam is given in July -- June 1st application deadline

Exact dates for the exam are determined in accordance with the Tarleton University Calendar and the date the Completion Forms are due to Graduate Studies.