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Faculty Research

Dr. Jonali Baruah is working on several projects focused on cognitive processes underlying innovation in face-to-face and computer-mediated groups.  She is particularly interested in examining the effects of group collaboration and its role on idea generation and selection (decision-making) in groups.

Some of the ongoing projects at Dr. Baruah's lab are: 

1.  Role of task focus on team innovation.  The nature of idea generation and selection in long-term virtual groups.  Interaction of diversity and time on team innovation as a function of task focus.  How the convergent and divergent tendencies fluctuate in such groups over time?

2.  Socio-cognitive processes underlying idea-generation and selection in diverse brainstorming teams.

3.  The effects of task-type and group-size on innovation in virtual groups.

Dr. Jamie Borchardt is working on a qualitative interview project on "alcohol, energy drinks and impulsivity amongst college-aged students".

Dr. Amber Harris Bozer was a co-author on a paper published in Pain in the fall of 2014.  She is analyzing data for publication from 6 UTA projects concerning how pain is processed in the brain as well as how cocaine induced locomotor activity is processed in the brain.  She was an author on 5 projects that were presented at the Society for Neuroscience conference in November covering the following topics: novel models of pain in rodents, assessing pain using novel behavior paradigms, pain processing in the anterior cingulate cortex, primary somatosensory cortex, amygdala, and medial prefrontal cortex.  She presented some of the work at UT Dallas, UT Arlington, TCU and Tarleton.

Dr. Harris Bozer is currently working on a project with Dr. Tom Faulkenberry for better teaching tools for Psychology courses which was presented at the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning forum in April, 2015.

Dr. Harris Bozer will be presenting a workshop with Vivian Ta, M.S. (UTA) about incorporating media into research for the Texas Social Media Research Institute in November, 2015.

Dr. Kyle Eichas has written a chapter for the Oxford Handbook of Identity Development entitled Identity and Positive Youth Development: Advances in Developmental Intervention Science.

Dr. Eichas is also working with a cross-disciplinary team of researchers to launch two projects at the Waco campus.  The Longitudinal Life Course Study examines college as a life course transition for students pursuing nontraditional educational pathways.  The project is collecting its first wave of data.  The Making Career and Education Choices Workshop is a positive development program that targets the transition from college to the world of work or graduate school.  It is in its initial stages of implementation and evaluation and will be offered as an ongoing service for students.

Dr. Thomas Faulkenberry is working on several projects using computer mouse tracking to study the dynamics of numerical representation.  He is currently collaborating on two experiments with Dr. Sam Shaki from Ariel University in Israel, one involving the dynamics of the size congruity effect (manuscript submitted for publication) and one involving the dynamics of two-digit number representations.

Dr. Faulkenberry is actively working with several undergraduate researchers on projects in numerical cognition.

Ms. Jennifer Gibson is currently working on her second master's thesis titled, "Eyewitness identification and the Weapon Focus Effect: Effects of Weapon Presence and Concealment."  She will continue this research topic as she moves on to completion of her dissertation next year. 

Ms. ManDee Mason is conducting research on modified learning environments in the PSY 101 General Psychology course.

Dr. Kim Rynearson's most recent research activities relate to transfer students, university partnerships, and adult learners.

Student Research

Sarah-Ann Tennes, junior Psychology major, was a co-author on a paper "Response trajectories reveal the temporal dynamics of fraction representations", published in July 2015 in Acta Psychologica.

Kristen Bowman, sophomore Psychology major, is working with Dr. Faulkenberry as a FYRE (First-Year Research Experiences) intern on a project titled "The Effects of Numerical Fluency on Mental Representations of Two-Digit Numbers".

Michaela Rutledge, senior Psychology major, is working with Dr. Faulkenberry as an Undergraduate Research Assistant on a project titled "Spatial-numerical associations in mental arithmetic."

Chris Marble, senior Physics major) is working with Dr. Faulkenberry on a project titled "Investigating the reversibility of the SNARC effect."