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Student-Athlete Info


All student-athletes are subject to random and unannounced drug testing in order to participate in intercollegiate athletics.  Drug testing will be administered by the NCAA and Tarleton State University.  More information is available in the Student-Athlete Handbook.

NCAA Banned Drug Classes


The following documentation is required prior to participation in intercollegiate athletics at Tarleton State University.  Failure to do so will result in the student-athlete being unable to participate in any form of athletics (practice, conditioning, competition) until all documentation is completed.  

All Student-Athletes  

All student-athletes must read and complete the Student-Athlete Medical Information packet.  It must be returned to your Head Coach prior to the pre-participation physical exam.  The student-athlete must also attach a front AND back copy of your current health insurance card.

Student-Athlete Medical Information

Returning Student-Athletes

All returning student-athletes will receive a Medical History Update and Cardiovascular Screening prior to participation each year.  This will be administered by Tarleton Sports Medicine.  You will be notified of the date, time, and location by your coach.

Returning Student-Athlete Medical History Update

Returning Student-Athlete Cardiovascular Screening

Incoming Student-Athletes

All incoming student-athletes will receive a Medical History and Pre-participation Physical Exam prior to participation.  This will be administered by Tarleton State Sports Medicine.  You will be notified of the date, time, and location by your coach.

Incoming Student-Athlete Medical History

Incoming Student-Athlete Pre-participation Physical Exam

Incoming Summer Student-Athletes

Incoming summer student-athletes must complete a Summer Screening prior to participation in summer conditioning.  Return this documentation to the Head Athletic Trainer.  

Incoming Student-Athlete Summer Screening

Exit Physical Exam

The exit physical exam is to be completed by all Tarleton State University athletes who have completed their athletic eligibility, or who will no longer compete in intercollegiate athletics for TSU within two weeks following completion of the season. Failure to complete the exit physical exam will automatically waive Tarleton State University from any medical or financial responsibility.

Student-Athlete Exit Physical Exam