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So what do you need to apply?



Applicants must submit a complete TMATE application by the deadline and use the legal name on all TMATE documents. Passing content area TExES scores must be included with the application. Applicants will be screened for the TMATE program using an interview, writing sample and the required application components. A rubric will be used to determine if a candidate meets the admissions criteria. The TMATE Advisory Council will determine official program acceptance. Potential students must be accepted into the College of Graduate Studies prior to admission in TMATE as TMATE courses can be applied to a master’s degree.

                     Admissions Standards:

      Overall GPA or the GPA for last 60 hours must be at least 2.75.

      The content area must match one of the certification areas TMATE offers.

      If an applicant wishes to pursue a master’s degree, he/she must have a minimum of 12 credit hours, 15 if science or math, in the chosen certification area with a GPA of at least 2.75.

      Provide GRE scores (if last 60 hour GPA is less than 3.0).

Application deadlines: Fall- July 31, Spring- October 31, or Summer- March 31.

If applicable, a program transfer form must be submitted with the TMATE application. If the potential intern did not receive testing permission from the former program, there is a chance that PACT testing may be possible and should be attempted.

Applicants can be given contingent admission pending degree conferral if they are in the last semester of their undergraduate degree.

Note: There will be a five year waiting period to apply to TMATE for those who have previously applied for admission to the Tarleton traditional teacher education program and were denied by the department screening or by the EPC. This includes any student who applied, began class and withdrew for any reason.

Important Links:

Application Deadline

Program Application Deadline
Summer March 31
Fall July 31
Spring October 31