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Texas Examinations of Educator Standards

The State of Texas is charged with ensuring that beginning teachers possess adequate knowledge so students learn what they are expected to learn. Accordingly, Texas certification requires passing scores in both:

  1. a content exam to test your knowledge in your teaching field, and
  2. the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility (PPR) exam to test your knowledge of how to teach.

These tests measure your knowledge based on established standards instead of compared to other candidates' performance. All the tests contain multiple choice questions. Some tests also use open-ended written questions, audio (music) or visual (art) samples, or spoken recordings (foreign languages).

Content TExES

TMATE interns must prove "Highly Qualified" status for the internship by passing the content area TExES.  State law limits the initial certification to one content area. Applicants must register as a Pre-Admission Content Test, PACT candidate. Please complete the exam(s) before applying to the TMATE program. 

What happens if you don't pass the content test?  You are not automatically eliminated from TMATE. If time allows, you will be able to retest. You must present passing scores before the TMATE application deadline.

Pedagogy (PPR) Exam

To help you learn how to teach, TMATE offers classroom-based, graduate-level course work taught by Tarleton faculty. You must pass this exam to receive your standard teacher certification. Interns usually take the PPR exam during the first semester of the internship year.

Additional TExES

Participants planning to certify in content areas that include the English as a Second Language (ESL) designation will need to pass the ESL Supplemental TExES in addition to the Content TExES and the PPR. This test will be taken as a Pre-Admission Content Test, PACT candidate.