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Program Costs/Financial Aid


You must submit all TMATE Application components with the $20 TMATE fee to the TMATE office. The Application to the College of Graduate Studies with the $45 Graduate Application Fee must be submitted to the Graduate office. Both fees are non-refundable.


Graduate tuition and associated university fees will be due under the Tarleton registration payment guidelines.  Visit the Tarleton tuition calculator for an estimate of the tuition and fees.  

TExES Fees

Certification requires passing state required tests. Before applying to the TMATE program, applicants need to present passing content area TExES scores. During the internship, the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities TExES exam will be completed. Some areas will need additional exams to satisfy state requirements (see the Required State Exams link).  Current fees for tests and related services can be found on the testing services website.


Cost of textbooks will vary according to classes.

Internship Fee

In addition to tuition, a $2600 Internship Fee is assessed to TMATE interns during the internship. The district will make 10 monthly deductions of $260 from the salary of the intern. The internship fee generates the funds used to pay mentor teacher stipends, University Field Supervisors and support TMATE program offices.

Clinical Teaching Fee

In addition to tuition, a $1300 Clinical Teacher Fee is assessed to TMATE students during the clinical teaching semester. The clinical teacher fee must be paid in full no later than the last day of the clinical teaching placement. The clinical teacher fee generates the funds used to pay University Field Supervisors and support TMATE program offices.


Certificate Fees

During the internship year, TMATE interns teach with a Probationary Certificate issued through the Texas Education Agency (TEA). All first-time applicants for initial certification are required to be fingerprinted as part of a national criminal background check. Upon successful completion of all courses, the internship, and passing the appropriate TExES exams, interns are eligible to apply for the Standard Certificate. Certificate fees are set by the state and are subject to change.

Financial Aid and Other Assistance

  • During the Pre-Internship courses, TMATE students are enrolled in sufficient hours to be eligible to apply for financial aid. Please contact Tarleton Financial Aid Office for more information. The FASFA school code for Tarleton is 003631.

  • The College of Graduate Studies awards a $500 scholarship to graduate students enrolling for their first semester of graduate work. To qualify, you must declare your intent to earn a graduate degree and be enrolled for at least 6 graduate semester hours. Additional scholarships are available on a competitive basis. Please visit the Scholarship Office website.

    Assistance for Veterans

    Veterans may benefit from visiting the Tarleton Office of Veteran Affairs. The phone number is 254-968-1805. Troops to Teachersmay also be an option. You can contact them by calling 1-800-810-5484.