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2010 Grand-Prize Wedding Photos by Legendary Weddings & Special Events



GuestBook BannisterBow
Mirror ChairFlowers
CompBow StainedGreen
HairRose StainedPurple
Aisle2 Aisle
AisleDooe CandlesDress
Hands Sanctuary
WindowKiss AltarKiss
Bell BubbleBasket
FrontKiss Bubbles
ChapelKiss Depart
ChapelKiss GetAway

* Legendary Weddings & Special Events             10’wx8’d or larger; electricity; easy access to stage

* Do-It-Yourself Brides                                               8’wx8’d or larger; electricity

*  Games & Prize Area                                                4’w’x4’d or larger


1)   Inn at Circle T—Hamilton                                     8’wx5’d; electricity


2)   The Sutherly Workshop—Ft Worth                   8’wx5’d


3)   Willow Lake Gardens—Weatherford               6’wx8’d


4)   Wiseman House Chocolates—Hico                   6’wx8’d; electricity; 2 tables


5)   De Ma Fille Bridal—Ft Worth                              8’wx5’d; corner; 1 table

(Megan Galloway, TSU alum—also providing gowns for bridal fashion show)


6)   Lemon Sisters Bakery—Cleburne                       8’wx5’d


7)   Whispering Creek Ranch—Granbury/Acton  8’wx5’d

(actually located in Action, but close enough to Granbury that she promotes it as G’bury—use Acton for an Acton paper, of course, if there is an Acton paper)


8)   Grand Rental Station—Stephenville                8’wx5’d


9)   Mary Kay—Stephenville                                       8’wx5’d; electricity

(Jenny Iley, TSU alum—also doing makeup for bridal fashion show)


10)   Top5 Productions—Gordon                                8’wx5’d; electricity


11)   Simply Sweet Cakes—Fort Worth                      10’wx5’d


12)   AdvoCare—Stephenville                                      8’wx5’d

(Monica Pierce, current TSU student, I think—friend of Nicole, so she’ll know)


13)   Anytime Fitness—Stephenville                          8’wx5’d


14)   Scentsy—Hurst                                                         8’wx5’d; electricity


15)   Team Beachbody—Fort Worth                          10’wx8’d; electricity

Annual Texas Wedding Expo

The Central Texas Wedding Expo benefits Tarleton's Public Relations & Event Management (PREM) program.  In addition to helping fund the program's nonprofit Legendary Weddings & Special Events™ laboratory, the Expo provides opportunities for Tarleton's PREM students to gain first-hand experience in every aspect of planning, coordination, and management of a major public relations event.

From exhibit-hall design and setup to customer relations, vendor relations, donor solicitation, audience targeting, promotions, media relations, money management, refreshments, entertainment, crowd control—you name it and PREM students do it, applying knowledge and skills learned in Public Relations & Event Management classes.

This event provides a great perspective on what the Public Relations & Event Management program is all about—and the kind of real-life experience and professionalism PREM students gain through Legendary Weddings & Special Events™ before they graduate.