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PR Jobs on the Rise for This Decade

PRTeamAccording to a 10/8/2010 CNBC report, the number of managers in advertising and marketing will drop 2% in the next ten years—but employment in "... PR is expected to jump 13 percent in the next decade ... Job opportunities will be greatest for those with a high level of creativity, plus strong communications and computer skills, and those who quickly adapt to new media such as the Internet and social media." ... the knowledge and skill areas of focus in Tarleton's Public Relations & Event Management program.

The full CNBC story, written by Cindy Perman, is titled Disappearing Jobs and lists the average nationwide salary in this field as $80,220.

Overall employment in advertising, marketing, promotions and PR is expected to jump 13 percent in the next decade, but for those who direct a firm’s ad campaigns and promotions aimed at driving sales, prospects are expected to drop by 2 percent. \