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Sigma Tau Delta

Kappa Chi Chapter 
Tarleton State University 
Stephenville, Texas

Sponsor: Dr. Moumin Quazi (
Co-Sponsor: Mr. Michael Dooley (
International Office of Sigma Tau Delta

With over four hundred chapters at universities in the United States and abroad, Sigma Tau Delta is an international English honors society founded in 1924. Sigma Tau Delta welcomes students who demonstrate scholastic excellence in the field of English and in their overall academic achievement. Eligibility begins at the junior level.

History of Sigma Tau Delta

Sigma Tau Delta is the International English Honor Society. Founded in 1924 by Dr. Judson Q. Owen at Dakota Wesleyan College, the purpose of the organization is to recognize "undergraduates, graduates, and scholars in academia as well as upon professional writers who have recognized accomplishments in linguistic or literary realms of the English language."

  • There are more than four hundred chapters of Sigma Tau Delta throughout the United States and abroad.

  • The official colors of Sigma Tau Delta are cardinal and black.

  • The official flower is the red rose.

  • The official motto is "Sincerity, Truth, Design."

Requirements for Membership

Eligibility for Sigma Tau Delta begins at the junior level. The following conditions satisfy international requirements that Sigma Tau Delta members be in the highest 35% percent of their university:

  • Undergraduate students who are currently enrolled, who have an overall 3.0 GPA, and who have a 3.0 GPA in a least 6 completed hours of advanced English (sophomore level or above) are eligible for membership.

  • Graduate English students who are currently enrolled, who have completed a minimum of six graduate English hours, and who have an overall GPA of 3.3 are eligible for membership.

  • A one-time membership fee of $60 (this includes membership into the Honor Society, a set of cords for the graduation ceremony, a Sigma Tau Delta pin, newsletter, and a copy of the Rectangle (the Sigma Tau Delta journal, and the local Chapter's one-time dues). If you wish to purchase a stole or a medallion, please contact Dr. Quazi.

  • You do NOT need to be an English major or minor to be a member of Sigma Tau Delta.


Kappa Chi Chapter Membership

Sigma Tau Delta Charter
Front Row Dr. Alice Cushman, Sponsor; 
Dr. Barry B. Thompson, President of Tarleton State University; 
Terri Green, Chapter President; 
Dr. B. J. Alexander, English Department Chair; Jon Smith
Second Row: Paula Davidson, Theresa Works,  
Twyla Church, Patti Clemmer

March 1987

  • Twyla Church
  • Patricia Clemmer
  • Paula Davidson
  • Karen DeFranchi
  • Betty Gosdin
  • Terri Green
  • Cathy Hope Flynt
  • Amy Jeffres
  • Ginny Moring
  • Melinda Parker
  • Fran Richter
  • Jon D. Smith
  • Theresa Works


Front Row:  Terri Green
Second Row Patti Clemmer, Twyla Church, Carolyn Hedgepeth, 
Mark Shipman, Ginny Mooring
Third Row: Debbie Bible, Paula Davidson, 
Fran Richter, 
Priscilla Clement, Carolyn Hawthorne
Fourth Row: Stan Coppinger, Kayla Duke, Theresa Works

March 1988

  • Debbie Bible
  • Priscilla Clement
  • Stan Coppinger
  • Kayla Duke
  • Melanie Hammons
  • Carolyn Hawthorne
  • Carolyn Hedgepeth
  • Candance Manroe
  • Mark Shipman
  • Kayla Watson

October 1988

  • Yong Fu Chang
  • Joy Corbell
  • Sam Duncan
  • Dixie Hewitt
  • Henry Huggins
  • Bata Parisa Jackson
  • Carolyn Prescott
  • Ed Tober
  • Kevin Weekley
  • Linda Williams
  • Vickie Wilson

March 1989

  • Angie Holamon
  • Vicki Irons
  • Sherry Pilkington
  • Jalna Turner
  • LeAnn Willoughby
  • Karen Wilson

February 1990

  • Natalie Adcock
  • Norma Bateman
  • Bobbie Bone
  • Carol Bone
  • Mary Ann Brandenberger
  • Susie Buse
  • Cristy Campbell-Furtick
  • Kathlene Carey
  • Linda Cole
  • Sylvia Dewald
  • Rebecca Dunegan
  • Brenda Ethridge
  • Janie M. Mauney
  • Alice Newsome
  • Gail Nolan
  • Carolyn Prescott
  • Margaret Scott
  • Dee Ann Ward
  • Cynthia Warren
  • Rodney Webb
  • Stephen Wilson
  • Elizabeth Wright
  • Dana Zachary

January 1991

  • Bonnie Abernathy
  • Robin Bates
  • Stacey Belcher
  • Carolyn Cashon
  • Michele Cox
  • Stacy Culwell
  • Cambley Fisher
  • Lanell Gonzales
  • Karen Greenwood
  • Bill Heiss
  • Lisa Hendon
  • Laura Hutchins
  • Terrie Lewis
  • Joan Richmond
  • Jana Roan
  • Russell Schneider
  • Donna Scott
  • Ben Tinsley

May 1992

  • Kelly Beyer
  • Jordan Cannady
  • Christienne Carruth
  • Elizabeth Daniel
  • Valerie Haney
  • Stacy Hawes
  • Laurie Lasswell
  • Brenda Marney
  • Darla Miles
  • Susan Mitchell
  • Tommy Richardson
  • Shiloh Richter
  • Michael Skaggs
  • Brenda Sustala
  • Karrie Wilhoit

October 1993

  • Diane Bell
  • Janene G. Burnum
  • Charles G. Cooper
  • Mark L. Davis
  • Jennifer Gardner
  • William Henry Jones
  • Kippi Louise Kuykendall
  • Deena M. Mattox
  • Darla J. Masterson
  • Christy D. Moore
  • Connie L. Payne
  • Martha Renshaw
  • Stephanie Schroeder
  • Rachael L. Tucker
  • Grace A. Ussery
  • Susan A. Walker
  • Steven Robert Watkins

December 1994

  • Kathleen P. Hagood
  • Kaye Robinson Johnson
  • Holly Keller
  • Eric V. Lyke
  • Jennifer L. Nivin
  • Amy C. Patrick
  • Kim Springsted
  • Carrie Strange
  • Beth Tate
  • DeAnna Turner
  • Doris Waggoner
  • Brittany Willis

April 1995

  • Manuel Alvear
  • Jennifer D. Bauer
  • Kevin M. Clay
  • Jody Dietzman
  • Donna M. French
  • Joyce Gray
  • Margaret Susan Hawkins
  • Melissa Kemp
  • Edward Heath McCrady
  • D'Juanna Montgomery
  • Crystal Sparger
  • Kevin Stahnke
  • Mary Stahnke

April 1996

  • Cheryl K. Carithers
  • Brian D. Carlson
  • Donna Louise Cates
  • Sandra D. Daniel
  • Michael Dooley
  • Darrell T. Head
  • James S. Hinman
  • Dalla L. Jeffus
  • John P. McLaine
  • Michelle M. Morvant
  • Judy M. Moseley
  • Michael D. Peters
  • Joyce L. Spivey
  • Kalene Weathermon
  • Brian D. Whitt

April 1997

  • Donna Brown
  • Sharla Clark
  • Amy Anders Doray
  • Mary A. Marshall
  • Kelly D. Morrison
  • Joanna R. Mullinax
  • Jennifer Schaffer
  • James McCloud Shirley
  • Janice Snyder
  • Kim T. Wade
Front Row: LaTresa Cockburn, Justin Beam, Kristie Kubala, Joelle Ogletree
Second Row: Melissa Collins
Third Row: Kisty Hoffman, Wade Miller, Kelly Stieber, Rachel Kammerer

April 1998

  • Justin Wayne Beam
  • LaTresa A. Cockburn
  • Melissa J. Collins
  • Frances Elizabeth Campbell
  • Christal I. Gerhart
  • Kisty D. Hoffman
  • Kristie M. Kubala
  • Benjamin Wade Miller
  • Joelle Ogletree
  • Ruby M. Smith
  • Kelly Marie Stieber
  • Rachel L. Kammerer


Sponsors: Dr Marilyn Robitaille, Ms. Benedda Konvicka,
Ms. Kathleen Mollick, Mr. Ed Tober, Mr. Michael Dooley

March 2002

Ashlea Baker, Desiree Beauchamp, Heather Boisjolie, Erin Cooper, Bryan Duncan, Rochelle Gregory, Teresa Hammond-Parker, Kimber Harlan, Misty Herring, Bethany Jacobs, Rebecca Kauffman, Mary Beth Kleven, Mandy Maxey, Carla Patterson, Leslie Sawyer, Janess Valentine, Ronda Wells, Lois Kathy Wood

November 2003

Lori Beth Adkins, Hannah Allen, Christopher D. M. Andrews, Amanda S. Baulch, Danielle A Breed, Angelina Correa, Monica Michelle Evans, Rachel Goins, Jackie Gutierrez, Kimber L. Harlan, Allison Mabry, George R. Sievers, III, Matthew Smith, Phil Swenson, Jr.


From Right to Left:


Faculty Sponsors: Kathlleen Mollick, Benedda Konvicka,
Marilyn Robitaille, Ed Tober, Michael Dooley


April 2005

Brandon Barnes, Paula Denny, Michael Handran, Benjamin Sword, Jessica VanOsdell


December 2005


Back Row: Deborah Lou Mountjoy, Melanie Lasater, Amy JoAnn Burk, Brandon Nelson, Ryan Farrar
Middle Row: Jennifer Connor, Stacey Bryant
Front Row: Helen Austin, Melissa Edgington, Jacqueline Bradshaw, Amanda Greenway
Not Shown: Kimberly Morris

February 2007

Spring 2007 inductees to Sigma Tau Delta included Patricia Ballman, Shonda Christensen, Christina Coleman, Trinity Dempsey, Crystal Derrick, Jennifer Dickey, Shayna Dunn, Jessica Farrar, Chelsi Garcia, Melanie Haas, Joshua Hart, Joni Herman, Sarah Lewis, Karon Moore, Victoria O'Neal, Heather Parker, Bailey Pearson, Lauran Pratt, Danielle Reily, Amy Rice, Mandi Roberts, Sherri Sessums, Lamonica Shipp, Natalie Swindle, and Jerrel Tomlin.