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PowerPoint Presentations

These PowerPoint presentations may help you with your assignments or reviews. We will be adding to our inventory as your instructors generate more presentations.

  • Anderson, Technical Communication (all chapters in PowerPoint format so you need PowerPoint on your computer to access them)

The presentations below are converted to HTML format for viewing as web pages.

  • Collaboration (Anderson, chapter 17)
  • Creating a Newsletter
  • Defining Your Objectives (Anderson, chapter 3)
  • Document Planning
  • Document Structure/Organization (Anderson, chapter 18)
  • Drafting Visual Aids (Anderson, chapter 11)
  • Job Application Letter (Anderson, chapter 2)
  • Oral Presentations (Anderson, chapter 16)
  • Page Layout and Design (Anderson, chapter 12)
  • Planning Your Persuasive Strategies (Anderson, chapter 5)
  • Richard Lanham's Paramedic Method (Revision Strategies)
  • Research (Anderson, chapter 6)
  • Resumes (Anderson, chapter 2)
  • Technical Writing Style (Anderson, chapter 10)