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Spotlight on: Junior and Senior Recitals

As the music department grows, we do more and more junior and senior recitals every semester.  These recitals are an important milestone for our music students and everyone is encouraged to come and support them as they take the next step towards getting their music degrees.

Junior Recitals for Spring 2016 (All Junior Recitals are at 4:00 PM)

Austin Whaley, February 25
Ricardo Allen II, February 25
Matthew McMahon, March 31
Alyssa Dow, March 31
Nathan Carrean, April 14
Scott Copeland, April 14

Senior Recitals for Spring 2016 (all Senior Recitals are at 7:30 PM)

Allison Sinclair, February 15
Albert Crews, March 14
Devon Harper, March 18
Jacob Humphries, March 30
Colby Burton, April 8
Stephen Brach, April 11
Amy Bowden, April 13
Maria Belknap, April 15
Tanner Jordan, April 20