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Computer Science Related Organizations

There are several organizations on campus that are directly or indirectly related to Computer Science. These organizations should provide you with an opportunity to expand your understanding of software and address specific interests.

Computer Science Club

The Computer Science club serves as an informal environment where students and faculty can interact. Each semester the club holds LAN parties, programming contests, field trips and presentations by guest speakers. Field trips have included Comanche Peak power plant near Glen Rose and Ensemble Studios in Dallas. The club hosts guest speakers including former students and representatives from companies and graduate schools The CS club provides excellent opportunities to get to know people within the CS community and to network.

Math Club

The Tarleton Math Club is a student chapter of the Mathematical Association of America. The Math Club meets every two weeks during the Fall and Spring semesters. Membership to the club is based solely on interest in mathematics. During the meetings, students and faculty meet to explore topics of mutual interest in mathematics. Often, there are faculty and student presentations which expose students to a variety of mathematical ideas they might not have access to during regular classes. These talks have covered a variety of subjects including applied mathematics such as biomathematics and cryptography, pure topics such as p-Adic Numbers, and selected topics from the history of mathematics. The club also sponsors trips to Texas Section MAA meetings so that students can interact with their peers from other universities and can experience even more topics in mathematics.