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Engineering Program

First 2 Years

The Engineering Program consists of the lower level engineering, math, and science courses as well as general education courses such as composition, history, government, and wellness, that are core to nearly all engineering disciplines.  This comprises approximately one half of the course work required for a Bachelor of Science degree in any Engineering discipline and is the entry point for all students wishing to major in an Engineering field.  Recommended courses for the Engineering Program include but are not limited to the following:

  • Engineering, Math, and Science Courses
    • Engineering Foundations and Principles: ENGR 1211, 1212, 2321, 2322, 2323
    • Principles of Physics: PHYS 2425, 2426
    • Calculus 1 through Differential Equations: MATH 2413, 2414, 3433, 3306
    • College Chemistry: CHEM 1412
  • General Education Courses
    • College Composition: ENGL 1301, 1302
    • U.S. History: HIST 1301, 1302
    • American and Texas Government: GOVT 2305, 2306
    • University Studies: ENGR 1100

Every semester, engineering students meet with their engineering advisor to review their academic progress, discuss their career direction, and designate their courses for the following semester.  After the first year, the engineering student should have a good idea of what engineering discipline they would like to choose and where they would like to pursue that degree.  For example, Tarleton's Engineering Program is closely aligned with Engineering at Texas A&M University for seamless transfer.  The engineering advisor can help the student find information related to transfer programs.

For Students Pursuing A Four Year Engineering Degree From Tarleton:

Tarleton currently offers two Engineering degrees.  For more information on these select the program link below:

Engineering students must complete selected engineering courses with a C or better in order to advance into upper level coursework and designate their major as ENPH or ENVE.  These courses are:

  • ENGR 1211 and 1212
  • ENGR 2321 or 2322
  • MATH 2413 and 2414
  • PHYS 2425
  • ENPH Majors: PHYS 2426
  • ENVE Majors: ENVE 2411

For Students Transferring to Engineering at Another University or College:

Students wishing to transfer to an engineering at another university or college are encouraged to contact an advisor at their intended school of transfer to find out specific transfer requirements.  Many programs require an overall 3.0 GPA for admission and a B or better in engineering related coursework in order to receive transfer credit.