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ENVE Program Educational Objectives

Program objectives, as defined by ABET, are broad statements that describe the career and professional accomplishments the program is preparing graduates to achieve, i.e. what we expect the graduates to be doing 2-5 years after graduation.

The Program Objectives for the Environmental Engineering program were developed based upon the needs of our constituents and the demands in both industry and graduate school for a diverse, broad-based engineering discipline subject to the mission of the university, the college, and the program.  Thus the Environmental Engineering program will consist of a curriculum and experiences that instill the following in the graduate:

  • DEPTH AND BREADTH OF KNOWLEDGE: the graduates demonstrate a depth and breadth of knowledge and are able to synthesize that knowledge for the practice of, or for advanced study in, environmental engineering.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: the graduates work and communicate effectively in team-oriented, project-management-driven environments, uphold ethical standards and participate in professional development.
  • LEADERSHIP and LIFELONG LEARNING: graduates take on leadership roles, advance in their careers and demonstrate an attitude of lifelong learning.