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Theses completed and potential topics

Potential Thesis Topics

    Hydrogeomorphic evaluation of wetlands in East Texas

    Stormwater quality

    Phosphorus storage in stream and stream bank sediments

    Recharge dynamics in North-central Texas

    Gully erosion in North-central Texas

Theses in progress

    Sadina Mayeux, Flow Patterns in an East Texas Bog

    Stephanie Painter, Nagleria Fowlerii and E. Coli in North Texas Waters

     Carin Wunneburger, Variability of soil characteristics

Theses Titles

    Melina Lopez, graduated August 2009

    Metals in Marine Turtles in Panama

    Will Hatler, graduated May 2008

    Water Loss in Saltcedar Stands and Potential Water Salvage by Saltcedar Control,

    Teresa Sykes, graduated Dec 2007

    Using diatoms to reconstruct trophic history in Texas Reservoirs

    Julie Saulsbury, graduated May 2003

    An evaluation of springs in the Gus Engeling Wildlife Management Area, Anderson County, Texas.

    Jeffrey Back, graduated May 2002

     Influence of water quality and flow regime on aquatic insect diversity in the North Bosque River.

    Michael Votaw, graduated Dec 2001

    Genetic assessment of the origin of populations of estuarine mud crabs (Rhithropanopeus harrisii)

    William Crump, graduated December 1999

    Comparison of stormwater from two, first-order, ephemeral streams in Stephenville, Texas

    Jason Stroup, graduated May 1999

    Comparison of growth and photosynthesis in upland and lowland ecotypes of switchgrass

    Amy Truman, graduated August 1997

    Analysis of fecal coliform bacteria within the Upper North Bosque River Watershed