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AP Physics B

The material at this website are for an AP-B level physics course as part of the STEM-RIDE partnership for teaching advanced STEM classes through distance education. STEM-RIDE is a partnership between Tarleton State University and six rural, smaller (1A to 3A) North Texas High Schools (Alvarado, Early, Glen Rose, Maypearl, Santo, and Stephenville). For more information about the project consult the STEM-RIDE website. 

This particular course was a proof-in-concept course taught by Dr. Daniel K. Marble of the Tarleton State University Physics Program in AY2013-2014 and funded by the Sid Richardson Foundation. 

All physics curriculum materials on this site were developed by Dr. Daniel K. Marble and Christopher Brian Marble and are copyrighted. Materials cannot be used or reproduced without the authors' permission. 

Assignments & Handouts (Week of December 9)

The severe weather has caused us to lose class time. The exam for Monday Dec 9th has been rescheduled for Wed. Dec 11th

Prior to Thanksgiving, you were given a practice test over static fluids and statics to work in class rather than doing the exam for grade. We have now covered moving fluids, and oscillators as well so the next test will cover both the material on the practice test and this new material. Since there is too much material to cover in a single test not all learning objectives in each section will be tested. Approximately 50% will be fluids (both static and moving) and the rest split between oscillations (like the homework) and statics problems similar to the practice test. I have enclosed a copy of the practice test in case you don't already have one along with a key for you to use in your study prep.

Monday November 25 Practice Test

Practice Test Key 

Module 17 Oscillations

Module 18 Waves

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