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Requirements While in Washington, D.C.

During your internship semester, you are expected to meet all requirements of your employing office, including a 40 hours or more work week. Punctuality, professionalism, appropriate dress and speech are expected. In addition to your regular work hours, you will have the opportunity to attend various intern events sponsored by the program, various "special meetings" on a weekly basis, and other opportunities. In addition, you may have requests for help or information from Tarleton State University faculty and staff. The program coordinator will contact you periodically to check your progress.

To participate in the program, receive scholarship monies and academic credit, interns are required to comply with the following guidelines:

  • Attend all meetings, special speaker events, luncheons, and dinners, unless special permission to miss is granted by the program coordinator;
  • Respond to all inquiries and requests from the program coordinator or other TSU administrative staff;
  • Work full-time (40 or more hours) at their assigned position.

It is your responsibility and a program requirement to attend work, meetings, respond to requests and check in with the program coordinator. This not only helps us make sure you are doing well, but provides us with valuable feedback for the program. Please make every effort to cooperate and stay in touch both during and after your internship semester. In addition, your conduct, both in and out of the office should always represent Tarleton State University in the best light possible.

The internship experience is equivalent to professional employment. If you find it necessary to be absent from your internship responsibilities (e.g., illness, dental appointment), contact your employer in advance.

Congressional Internship Requirements

The following items will help end your internship semester on a good note and help you fulfill your internship requirements.

At the close of your internship, you still have several program requirements to complete. You must complete all course credit requirements as set by your department or professor.

The program requires the following items for successful completion of your internship:

  • Submit a digital work portfolio to the program coordinator with copies of at least four letters, press releases, memos, or other written assignments etc., completed during the internship;
  • Submit a minimum 2 pictures of the D.C. experience, in and out of the worksite;
  • Turn in digital copies of any papers/portfolios or other course credit assignments;
  • Upon returning to Tarleton, participate in a minimum of two recruiting events, from career days to speaking to classes, during the next recruiting cycle;
  • Complete all papers, portfolios and other documentation as required for academic credit;
  • Write a thank you letter to your benefactor, if any, and submit a copy to the program coordinator;
  • Complete an "Internship Evaluation Sheet" and submit to the program coordinator.